David against Goliath
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39    pages    are    dealing    with    the    slaughter    of    the    judiciary    victims    by    the Judiciary   apparatus,   who   had   joined   the   citizens‘   initiative   APPEAL   TO   THE PEOPLE under the presidency of its founder Gerhard Ulrich. The   imposed   sentences   were   the   total   immoderation:   111   months   of   firm imprisonment,   of   which   48   months   =   4   years   for   its   founder   president   and   21 months   for   Marc-Etienne   Burdet,   as   well   as   6   condemnations   of   conditional imprisonments and heavy court fees and fines for other activists. For   commemorating   the   tenth   anniversary   of   the   first   show   trial   which   had ended   with   the   sentence   of   Winzap   of   November   24,   2006,   the   author   is launching a revision request against this joke of a procedure.
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