Marc BONNANT - Avocat à Genève
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né le 29 octobre 1944, avocat genevois. Il est marié à Marianne BONNANT-BAYLE depuis 1983. Il est en outre l’oncle de l’actrice Carole BOUQUET.
Marc    BONNANT,    by    mandate    of    January    7,    1996,     has    drafted    the complaint   of   January   29,   1996   on   behalf   of   Joseph   FERRAYE.   It   is   this   criminal complaint    which    enabled    the    sequestration    of    hundreds    of    billions    of    swindled royalties, derived from the use and sale of patents of the inventor. He   then   made   two   complaints,   the   first    signed   by   Joseph   FERRAYE,   depending on   the   elements   that   knew   the   inventor,   and   a   second    more   complete   that   allowed him   to   blackmail   the   crooks   and   corrupt   magistrates,   for   himself   and   members   of the conspiracy, so they can then divert funds swindled in their favor. It   is   with   the Affair   FERRAYE,   that   Marc   BONNANT   created   his association   with   Dominique   WARLUZEL   today   expatriate   in   the Bahamas     where     he     directs     with     other     accomplices,     the company   GW   &   Partners   in   Nassau.    He   served alongside   MONTGANO   HEPBURN    Davis   S.   that we   find   in   society   Pelsar   Associated   Nassau   BAH SA   in   Lugano,   active   from   1998   to   2000   in   the distribution   of   royalties.   Others   representative   of the   company   are   Francesco   RESSIGA-VACCHINI (48   companies   including   Credit   Suisse ,   Orlando
EBNER Martin
SANDRO   (51   companies   including   Credit   Suisse ),   Gianni   Donati   (47   companies   including   Credit   Suisse ) Giulio CLEMENTI, Myriam MOOR-Macconi under the same conditions . Mr.    Bonnant,    «    Mozart    of    the    Bar    »    courtyard    side    offshore administrator      garden   side   According   to   his   own   confession,   Marc   BONNANT,   likes   the SECRET (1)  ... The   revelations   of   Panama   Papers   are   censored   in   Switzerland   and   it   is   easy   to   understand,   when   we   know that   all   media   are   controlled   by   the   crooks   of   FERRAYE   royalties.   Therefore,   journalists   who   are   their   lackeys, apply   censorship   on   their   own   initiative,   or   are   forced   to   censor   information   that   could   shed   light   on   the   key players   of   the   crime. The   dismissals   of   journalists   who   mislead   public   opinion   by   lack   of   ethics,   are   a   good   thing and should be more in Switzerland. We need to find an ethical and independent press ! As readers of, find interesting informations about Panama Papers HERE : 1   2   3 In   the   «   Panama   papers   » ,   Marc   BONNANT   appears   as   being   or   having   been   director   of   at   least   176 offshore   companies    registered   by   the   firm   MOSSACK   FONSECA    around   exotic   jurisdictions.   Mr .   BONNANT     is   not   by   far   the   only   Swiss   lawyer   practicing   tax   havens   -   les   Panama   papers    show   1500   intermediaries   in Switzerland   that   address   customers   to   Mossack   Fonseca    -   but   He   shows   itself   to   be   diligent,   and   for customers often in trouble with the law. The   purpose   of   these   offshore   companies   registered   by   the   firm   MOSSACK   FONSECA    in   various   tax   havens, is   to   hide   the   names   of   the   beneficial   owners.   Marc   BONNANT    reportedly   used   the   company   « Bigland Entreprises »,      a   mailbox   established   at   the   headquarters   of   Mossack   Fonseca    in   Panama   City,   which   allowed to    keep    secret    the    identity    of    beneficiaries    of    the    companies    he    managed.    Several    complex    financial arrangements will highlight names considered « sour » such as: : The   intermediary   on   arms   sales   Ziad   TAKIEDDINE    cited   several   times   in   France   in   major weapons   contracts   and   suspect   Nb.   1   in   the   financial   part   of   the   deal   KARACHI   (attack causes   2002   /   new   hypothesis)    ;   South   African   businessman   Khulubuse   CLIVE   ZUMA , nephew    of    the    current    South    African    President    Jacob    ZUMA     ;    the    diamond    Beny STEINMETZ ,      pursued   by   Guinea,   the   United   States   and   Switzerland   for   corruption   ;   Dan GERTLER    Israeli   businessman   close   to   the   Congolese   President   Joseph   KABILA ,   accused by   the   press   and   NGOs   to   have   tampered   stones   from   regions   at   war   –   the   famous   blood diamonds    ;   the   diamond   Mozes   Victor   KÖNIG    who,   since   1999,   is   placed   on   the   list   of   most wanted by Interpol Marc   BONNANT   is   also   the   legal   representative   of   the   BALERTON ,   company   domiciled   in   the   British   Virgin Islands,   on   which   an   investigation   was   opened   by   the   French   courts,   which   the   suspects   to   conceal   a   part   of the fortune of Jean-Marie Le Pen. He   was   also   the   lawyer   for   the   civil   party   in   the   ORTIZ,   DARD,   SAFRA,   STERN   and   he   was   the   lawyer   of   the Empress    of    Iran    and    of    Souha    ARAFAT.     On    defense,    he    pleaded,    among    many    causes,    COMFELD, JACCOUD,   MOUMIE,   GELLI,   DE   GORSKI,   GAON,   POLO   FIORINI,   BEREZOVSKY ,   and   was   counsel   for   the Mujahideen   in   their   resistance   to   the   Iranian   mullahs.   He   defended   the   former   wife   of   Russian   oligarch   Dmitri RYBOLOVLEV during his divorce. (extraits wikipedia et le Monde) Like   his   partner   Dominique   WARLUZEL,   and   State   Councilor    Micheline   SPOERRY   that   has   stifled   the   record when   we   denounced   it,   Marc   BONNANT    was   appointed   Knight   of   the   Order   of   the   Legion   of   Honor   by   the French government, in recognition for services rendered... He   said   to   be   close   the   UDC   Oskar   FREYSINGER,    a   faithful   and   obedient   soldier   of   the   former   Swiss   Justice Minister, Christoph BLOCHER . Dmitri RYBOLOVLEV From   1991   to   1993,   Dmitri   RYBOLOVLEV   was   director   of   the   medical   company   «   Magnetics   »,   which   he founded   with   his   father.   Il   s’est   rendu   à   Moscou   en   1992,   where   he   did   a   financial   training   course   in   the   term   of which   he   returned   to   Perm   (Russia),   to   organize   his   investment   company   mounted   with   a   former   military.   This one   acquired   the   coupons   put   back   to   the   workers   within   the   framework   of   their   work,   and   allowed   both partners    to    create    a    bank    to    which    adhered    the    main    companies    of    the    region.    From    1992,    Dmitri RYBOLOVLEV   participated   in   all   the   tours   of   privatization   of   the   company   URALKALI,   the   jewel   of   the   region, which   is   one   of   the   biggest   producers   to   the   world   of   potash.   In   1996,   him   possèdait   66   %   of   the   capital   of   the Company... (extrait Wikipedia) This   brief   history   shows   us   that   at   that   time,   before   Federal   Reserve,   the   Gouvernement   CLINTON,   Edmond SAFRA    and   the   Republic   National   Bank   of   New   York,    have   discharged   daily   cargo   planes,   filled   with   dollars for the banks of the Russian Mafia, RYBOLOVLEV did not still display in multibillionaire... We   must   understand   here   that   if   Marc   BONNANT   was   able   to   obtain   around   CHF   5.7   billion   in   favor   of RYBOLOVLEV's   wife   in   first   instance   of   the   divorce   hearing,   it   is   clear   that   as   a   friend   of   Edmond   SAFRA,   He knew   the   conditions   in   which   Dimitri   RYBOLOVLEV   had   made   his   fortune,   and   he   was   able   to   get   a   final agreement which should not be much lower than that obtained previously. Marc BONNANT and « blood diamonds  » Dan   GERTLER    is   Part   of   these   customers   whose   even   the   sulphurous   Company   o f   offshore fiscal   address      MOSSACK   FONSECA    did   not   want   to   ...   The   wrath   of   MOSSACK   FONSECA dates   back   to   2010.   One   of   his   good   clients,   a   lawyer   in   Gibraltar,   was   asked   MOSSFON   to create   emergency   two   companies   in   the   British   Virgin   islands. They   lends   itself   willingly   without performing   the   usual   control.   It   was   only   a   year   later,   after   dozens   of   reminders   by   email   which were   unanswered,   and   further   investigation   of   the   financial   authorities   of   the   British   Virgin Islands,    that    the    Panamanians    are    discovering    the    identity    of    the    beneficial    owner    of      Foxwhelp Ltd et Caprikat Ltd : Dan GERTLER. Orderly   opacity   begins   with   oneself.   Both   companies   were   hidden   behind   a   dizzying   montage   that   was   used   to hide   their   true   owner.   Foxwhelp   Ltd   et   Caprikat   Ltd    were   held   by   an   investment   fund   domiciled   in   the   Cayman Islands,   African   Ressources   Investment   Fund ,   itself   controlled   by   two   foundations   in   Liechtenstein ,   which are   in   turn   owned   by   two   discretionary   trusts   in   Gibraltar.   A   system   of   locks   almost   impossible   to   climb   without the   Panamanian   papers   documents.   Only   two   names   appeared:   Swiss   lawyer   Marc   BONNANT    et   Khulubuse Clive ZUMA , nephew of wheeler-South African President Jacob Zuma, who did not want to comment about it. Furious,   Jennifer   MOSSACK,   daughter   of   the   founder   of   the   Panamanian   company,   ordered   the   closure   of   any entity   associated   with   Dan   GERTLER    which   she   describes   on   June   2,   2011   as   «   blood   diamond   merchant   »   in   an   internal   message   consulted   by   Le   Monde.   On   July,   11   at   12:08,   Marc   BONNANT,   fearless,    transfers these   companies   at   MORGAN   &   MORGAN,   the   main   competitor   of   MOSSACK   FONSECA ,   also   based   in Panama City..  (extrait Egalité Reconciliation) The   name   of   Dan   GERTLER    appeared   on   Swiss   accounts   at   HSBC    (resumption   of   Republic   National   Bank   of New   York   of   Edmond   SAFRA,   a   friend   of   BONNANT).      The   Exotic   addresses   of   that   companies,   allow   him   to pay   a   minimum   tax   in   the   Democratic   Republic   of   Congo,   where   experts   estimate   that   the   Israeli   businessman has   made      lost   for   the   State   of   revenue   in   billions   of   dollars.   In   2014,   he   sold   back   to   the   government   the   oil rights   held   through   an   obscure   offshore   company,   Nessergy ,      three   hundred   times   more   than   their   purchase price. GLENCORE Marc RICH As   we   saw   above,   Marc   BONNANT   appears   with   Clive   Khulubuse   ZUMA ,   wheeler-dealer   nephew   of   South African   President   Jacob   ZUMA ,   in   the   assembly   of   offshore   companies   initiated   by   a   business   lawyer   in Gibraltar   on   behalf   of   Dan   GERTLER,       rich   Israeli,   allowing   he   to   never   appear   because   of   its   activities   in   the Democratic Republic of Congo. Dan   GERTLER   reappeared   four   years   later   in   the   files   of   the   Panamanian   company   through   a   contract   with   the company    CALLERY    Ressources    Ltd,     Resources    Ltd,    domiciled    in    Panama,    which    claims    its    rights    for consulting   services   to   10   million   high,   on   the   mining   site   Mutanda   (MUMI).   This   deposit,   located   near Kolwezi,   Katanga,   is   operated   by   GLENCORE   in   partnership   with   Dan   GERTLER .   Again,   the   assets   and revenues of the mine irrigate companies established in tax havens. Panama   Papers   tell   us   that   the   company   MUMI   (Mutanda   Mining)   was   created   to   associate   the   shareholders   of the    two    companies,    GLENCORE    PLC     and    ROWNY   ASSET    LIMITED ,        itself    owned    by    the    sulphurous 'Emperor'   of   diamonds,   the   Israeli-   Congolese   Dan   GERTLER .   We   also   learn   that   ROWNY   received   MUMI's dividends for the 1st quarter 2014 whose assets mines of Katanga in the Congo are estimated at $ 1.8 billion M arc   RICH    from   his   real   nameDavid   Marcell   Reich,   was   born   on   December   18,   1934   in Antwerp   (Belgium)   and   died   on   June   26,   2013   in   Lucerne   (Switzerland).   He   is   a   famous Israeli-American-Belgian-Spanish Businessman of Belgian Jewish origin. He   was   sentenced   by   the   Justice   of   the   United   States   for   fraud,   insider   trading,   violations   of embargo   with   Iran   in   full   hostage   crisis,   as   well   for   the   largest   tax   fraud   in   the   history   of   the United   States.   With   more   than   60   heads   of   charges   he   faced   up   to   325   years   in   prison. Ranked   among   the   10   most   wanted   fugitives   in   the   world   and   pursued   by   the   FBI,   he   found refuge   in   Switzerland,   which   refused   to   extradite   him.   There,   he   founded   the   multinational GLENCORE. (extraits wikipedia) Marc   RICH    received   a   controversial   pardon   from   US   President   Bill   CLINTON   on   January   20,   2001,   his last   day   in   office,   following   a   request   made   to   him   by   the Administrator   of   UBS   SA    Pierre   de   WECK.   The Administrator   of   UBS   SA    does   not   fail   to   mention   the   "charitable"   personality   of   March   RICH   during   several years and so his help for the communities of the country in general. However,   we   can   consider   that   this   «   Pardon   présidentiel   »    has   been   purchased,    since   the   revelations   of Peter   Schweizer   in   his   book   «   CLINTON   CASH   » ,   in   which   we   learn   that   the   pardon   was   granted   after   that   the former   wife   of   Marc   Rich,   Denise   RICH ,   has   made   a   donation   of   USD   100'000   to   the   2000   campaign   of Hillary CLINTON, USD 450'000  to the CLINTON Library  and USD 1 million  to the Democratic Party ... Marc BONNANT links with the White Hous e Since   1992,   the   economy   was   fundamentally   out   of   whack. All   banks   have   been   at   the   forefront   to   swindle   the royalties,   they   were   bought,   merged,   usw.   (eg.   SBG   /   UBS,   Credit   Suisse   /   BPS(SVB)   /   Winterthur,   HSBC   / Republic   National   Bank   of   New   York,   BNP,   CALYON,   BANK   OF   AMERICA   Switzerland,   MERRILL   LYNCH, SWISSAIR,   etc.)   or   some   big   private   bankers   (Vontobel,   Pictet,   Julius   Bär,   Mirabaud,   etc.).   It   was   also   the same   for   hundreds   of   health   insurance   companies,   restructuring   of   insurers,   de   la   chimie,    private   clinics, automotive industry, usw. and we always find the same directors,  usw. usw. usw. According to our database, Marc BONNANT is too often linked with administrators or straw men of companies. The   Panama-Papers   have   furthermore   now   established   his   complicity   with   Dan   GERTLER ,   the   «   blood diamonds » and the exploitation of raw materials by GLENCORE, XSTRATA et ROWNY ASSETS LIMITED. The   USA   have   taken   a   leading   part   in   the   swindle   and   money   laundering   of   the   royalties,   and   after   the members   of   the   French   government,   who   have   attempted   to   assassinate   Joseph   FERRAYE ,    the   officials of the USA,  in their DEA offices in Paris  have wanted to do the same a second time against the inventor. After    the    FEDERAL    RESERVE     and    the    Republic    National    Bank    of    New    York    under    the    CLINTON Government,   the   BUSH   Government   has   took   over.   Donald   RUMSFELD   was   then   Administratior   of   ABB Brown Boveri et ABB Ltd Zürich at the time of the scam. We   find   with   CARLYLE   Group    (nearly   $   200   billion   in   2016),   one   of   the   largest   asset   manager   in   the   world. At the   time   of   the   swindle   of   royalties,   the   Carlyle   Group   was   led   by   Frank   CARLUCCI,   former   deputy   director of the CIA, national security adviser to then Secretary of Defence. Furthermore   CIA   Frank   CARLUCCI,   the   link   of    Carlyle   Group    with   the   swindle   of   royalties   is   done   through Pierre-Olivier   SARKOZY   (right)   (ex   UBS   SA ),    half-brother   of   former   French   President   Nicolas   SARKOZY.    The latter   was   budget   and   Interior   minister      during   the   swindle.   He   is   also   son-in-law   of   Frank   G.   WISMER         general   director   of   the   CIA.   Marc   BONNANT   was   named   Chevalier   of the   Legion   of   Honor   by   France,   while   Nicolas   SARKOZY   was   Interior Minister. Pierre-Olivier   SARKOZY   has   soaked   from   the   start   in   the   scam   royalties. From   1990   to   1993   he   was   in   service   by   Dillon,   Read   &   Co    which   was acquired    by    the    Société    de    banque    suisse    (SBS)     /    Swiss    Bank Corporation   (SBC)   en   1997   and   merged   with   the   London   investment bank   S.   G.   Warburg   &   Co.    (acquired   by   SBC   in   1995)   to   become   the Warburg Dillon Read.  The entity resulting from the merger then became part of UBS SA. Pierre-Olivier   SARKOZY    joined   CREDIT   SUISSE   First   Boston    one   of   the   main   subsidiaries   of   Credit   Suisse involved   in   royalties,   in   1993.   We   must   recall   the   scandal   of   the   gold   Mafia    in Argentina   at   that   time   and   looting of   Argentine   assets   with   the   complicity   of   the   brothers   José   and   Carlos   ROHM   and   BGN   (Banco   General   de Negocios).   Again   the   presence   of   a   former   undersecretary   of   state   at   the   US   Treasury,   David   MULFORD, demonstrates   the   attractiveness   of   US   officials   for   money   laundering.   David   MULFORD   was   an Administrator   of BGN   and   appears   in   the   commercial   registers   of   CREDIT   SUISSE,   CREDIT   SUISSE   International   Holding   and Credit Suisse First Boston. The   looting   of   Argentine   assets   was   done   in   complicity   between   CREDIT   SUISSE,   CHASE   MANHATTAN   and DRESDNER   Bank.   CREDIT   SUISSE   was   a   shareholder   of   two   Panamanian   companies   suspected   of   having carried   out   this   capital   flight   network   :   San   Luis   Financial   Investment   (12.8%)   and   the   Uruguayan   bank Banco   Commercial   de   Montevideo    (27.4%).   Lukas   MÜHLEMANN   was      then   President   of   CREDIT   SUISSE. The    two    aforementioned    Panamanian    corporations,    are    they    part    of    the    176    companies    in    which    Marc BONNANT appears in the Panama-Papers ? In   2002,   Pierre-Olivier   SARKOZY    went   to   UBS   SA    as   global   co-director   of   financial   services,   and   was   the main councillor of important acquisitions in billion dollar. March   3,   2008,   he   was   appointed   managing   director   and   co-head   of   international   financial   services   (Global Financial Services Group) of the Carlyle Group. BlackRock Stemming   from   the   BlackStone   established   in   1988   by      former   employees   of   the   CREDIT   SUISSE   First Boston ,   BlackRock    took   its   name   in   1992   at   the   time   of   the   swindle   of   Royalties. Among   the   Founders   :   Larry FINK,   Robert   S   .   KAPITO   and   Susan   WAGNER   with   the   financial   support   of   the   bank   Blackstone.   The company   had   for   objective   to   supply   in   the   institutional   investors   of   the   management   services   of   assets   and risks. From 1995 till 2004, BlackRock was a subsidiary of PNC Financial. In    1999,    the    company    was    listed    on    the    Stock    Exchange.    In    2004,    it    acquired    State    Street    Research Management company, then resumed in 2006 the branch of asset management of the bank MERRILL LYNCH. BlackRock   is   the   largest   shareholder   of   a   US   company   on   five.   It   also   owns   at   least   5%   of   the   capital   of   four US companies on ten, listed on the stock exchange, like JP Morgan, CHEVRON or WALMART In   Europe,   BlackRock    has   invested   in   the   digital   services   company   ATOS    (laundering   of   royalties)   which   it owns more than 5% stake In   France,   BlackRock   also   owns   5,07   %   of   the   capital   and   voting   rights   of   BNP   Paribas    (laundering   of royalties). We   find   at   the   head   of   BlackRock,   (the   largest   asset   manager   in   the   world   with   4.6   trillards   dollars   in 2016)      :    Mathis   CABIALLAVETTA ,   President   of   the   Directorate   of   UBS   SA    in   1996   at   the   time   of   lifting   the sequestred    royalties,    Susan    L.    WAGNER    (Swiss    Re)    EINHORN    Jessica    (IMF,    Worldbank),    David    H. KOMANSKY   (Meririll   Lynch)   MAUGHAN   Deryck   (Goldman   Sachs),   Gordon   M.   NIXON   (Royal   Bank   of   Canada   - transfers of swindled royalties), John VARLEY (Barclays). We   must   know   that   BlackRock    took   over   the   assets   of   MERRILL   LYNCH    in   1999   (Bank   directly   involved   in   the swindle   of   royalties).   Philippe   HILDEBRAND ,   former   President   of   the   SNB   (Swiss   National   Bank)   is   one   who have    followed    the    entire    chain    of    swindle    and    royalties    laundering.    He    has    been    hired    by    Edgard    DE PICCIOTTO ,   a   pillar   of   the   swindle   and   laundering   of   the   royalties   alongside   the   notary   Pierre   MOTTU    and   by extension   Marc   BONNANT.    Before   putting   itself   in   the   service   of   the   Swiss   National   Bank   (SNB) ,   Philippe HILDEBRAND    was   responsible   for   hedge   fund   UBP   (Union   Bancaire   Privée)    also   at   the   forefront   of   royalties laundering,   then   President   of   the   SNB   (the   Swiss   "Federal   Reserve")   Among   which   numerous Administrators and Councillors are directly bound to the swindle or to the laundering of royalties... Executive Committe of BlackRock BLUMER   David   (CREDIT   SUISSE,   SwissRe,   Absolute),   FAIRBAIRN   Robert   W.   (UBS   London,   Merrill   Lynch), GOLUB    Ben    (CREDIT    SUISSE    First    Boston),    McCOMBE    Mark    ( HSBC ),    NOVICK    Barbara    (MORGAN STANLEY),   PRAGER   Richie   (BANK   of   AMERICA),   SCHIOLDAGER   Amy   (STANDARD   &   POOR’S),   SHEDLIN Gary    (MORGAN    STANLEY,    LAZARD    Group),    STEIN    Derek    (BARCLAYS,    MERRILL    LYNCH,    ERNST    & YOUNG), WIEDMAN Mark ( FEDERAL RESERVE BANK NY,  McKINSEY).