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During    the    invasion    of    Kuwait    in    1991,    the    United States    were    then    under    the    presidency    of    Texan (Rep.)   George   HW   BUSH.   Bruce   Richard   (Dick) CHENEY   (Rep.)   was   Secretary   of   Defence,   and   he was    the    one    who    launched    the    operation    "Desert Storm"    against   the   troops   of   Saddam   Hussein.   Dick   CHENEY   then became   Vice-President   of   the   USA,   under   the   Presidency   of   the   most   lamentable   president   of   the   United States, George W. BUSCH. During   the   extinction   of   burning   oil   wells   in   kUWAIT,   various   American   companies   including   HALLIBURTON, were   active   according   to   WIKIPEDIA,   and   contributed   to   the   extinction   and   the   blocking   of   725    wells   in KUWAIT.   However,   HALLIBURTON   has   not   been   mentioned   on   the   list   of   companies   established   by   the   KPC . As   all   extinguished   and   blocked   wells   totalised   1'164   units ,   according   to   a   statement   of   State   of   KUWAIT,   it can   be   inferred   that   the   cost   for   the   treatment   of   some   469   missing   wells,   which   were   obviously   compensated,   have been   simply   diverted   ...    so   who   were   the   beneficiaries   ?   HALLIBURTON   that   is   not   on   the   KPC   list   and   has yet been active in KUWAIT, or Governments under cover of HALLIBURTON ? Recall   that   Joseph   FERRAYE   had   made   an   offer   of   $   30   million   /   unit   for   fighting   and   blocking   systems, and   he   was   rejected   because   the   leaders   of   coalition   countries    wanted   to   multiply   the   cost   by   2.6. Thus, 469   wells   to   30   million   *   2.6   =   36'582'000'000   dollars,   and   for   the   totality   of   the   1’164   wells   :   USD 90’792’000’000   in   charge   of   the   iraqi   population   through   the   UNO   program   "oil   against   food"   ...   These amounts do not include sales of systems that amounted to 2 to 3,000 billion USD in 1991. As   Secretary   of   Defense,   Dick   CHENEY    was   the   Commander   in   Chief   of   US   troops   after   the   President.   The intervention   groups   were   therefore   certainly   under   his   authority   and   it   is   certainly   no   coincidence   that   he   was appointed   as   President   of   Halliburton   in   1995,    a   company   that   got   big   contracts   in   Iraq   in   2003.   This   is not   a   coincidence   either   if   he   became   Vice   President   of   the   United   States   thereafter   from   2001   to   2009   after   the election of George W. BUSCH. The   DEA    ( D rug   E nforcement   A dministration),   which   directly   depends   on   the   Federal   Service   of   Justice,   is   headed by   a   Director   appointed   by   the   President.   The   Federal   Department   of   Justice   is   headed   by   the   Attorney   General who   himself   i s   a   member   of   the   Presidential   Cabinet.   Cabinet   members   are   appointed   by   the   President   then presented   to   the   Senate   of   the   United   States   for   advice   and   consent   (advice   and   consent,   the   terms   used   in   the Constitution,   the   procedure   by   which   the   Senate   approves   and   confirms   or   rejects   the   appointment,   by   a   simple majority   vote).   If   the   appointment   is   approved,   the   new   member   of   the   oath   office,   received   the   title   of   Secretary (Secretary), and begins his term. William   BAAR   then   was Attorney   General   of   the   United   States   from   20   November   1991   to   20 January   1993.   So   it   is   from   him   that   depended   the   DEA,   under   the   presidency   of   George   HW BUSCH for the first scam FERRAYE royalties. The   DEA    has   played   a   key   role   in   the   transfer   of   funds   swindled   since   1991,    since   the   seal   of the   DEA    was   used   on   all   transfer   orders   to   escape   the   official   monitoring   bodies   States.   The head    of   the   aforementioned   crime   was   Partick   DAWSON,   aka   Dave   Rowe,   who   was   the   head   of   the   DEA   in France    and   lived   then   "Gland,   Switzerland.   He   was   convicted   in   Switzerland   for   illegal   financial   activities   and money   laundering,   before   resuming   his   role   in   the   conspiracy   in   1996   after   the   lifting   of   receivers   by   the   Geneva Attorney General Bernard BERTOSSA. It   is   interesting   that   Donald   RUMSFELD    who   had   been   Secretary   of   Defence   under   the   presidency   of Gerald   FORD   and   will   be   again   under   the   Presidency   of   George   W.   BUSCH,   is   registered   in   swiss RC   CH-020.3.900.058-8   as   Administrator   of   the   Swiss   ABB   Asea   Brown   Boveri   Ltd.   Zurich from   1991   to   1993,   when   the   first   scam   of   royalties   happened.   This   was   before   first   royalties sequestration. Presidency of Bill CLINTON Bill   Clinton   (Democ.)   was   President   from   1993   to   2001   and   it   was   under   his   presidency   that   the majority   of   FERRAYE   royalties   were   defrauded   after   the   Lifting   of   sequestrationin   in   1995,   then laundered. Janet   REMO   held   the   post   of Attorney   General   of   the   United   States   from   March   12, 1993   to   January   20,   2001,   under   the   presidency   of   Bill   CLINTON,   and   she   was   this one   who   was   responsible   for   the   DEA.      Let   us   remember   that   in   this   regard,   all transactions   relating   to   royalties   scam   were   performed   in   DOLLARS   and   as such   alone,   the   United   States   that   did   not   ensure   the   transfers   affecting   their   currency,   but moreover   were   complicit   by   the   participation   of   the   DEA   for   the   scam   of   the   royalties,   bear a very heavy responsibility  to the legal beneficiaries of royalties. On   January   29,   1996   complaint   filed   by   Joseph   FERRAYE   and   written   by   the   Geneva   Lawyers   Marc   BONNANT and   Dominique   WARLUZEL   after   Daniel   LEVAVASSEUR   had   regained   all   accounts   in   which   the   amounts   of royalties were transferred - it was hundreds of billions worldwide - the funds were sequestered. André   SANCHEZ,   President   of   BCS   Finance   SA    in   Sion   (Switzerland)   was   party   to   the   agreement   of sequestration    of   January   12,   1996   and   had   been   instructed   to   submit   the   acceptance   and   irrevocable   offer   to   sell the   disputed   rights   at   reception   of   funds   that   were   be   sent   to   him.   When   André   SANCHEZ   realized   that   the agreement was not respected and that the funds were diverted, he threatened to denounce its partners. In    December    1996,    Joseph    FERRAYE    has    certainly    been    an    assassination attempt   by   officials   of   the   DEA.    In   December   1996,   Bill   CAMPBELL    chief   of the   DEA    at   the   time   that   William   H.   Webster    was   the   mentor,    asked   FERRAYE to   contact   Patrick   DAWSON,    Head   DEA   Fance,   who   wanted   to   meet   him    to give   him   documents.   The   appointment   was   set   for   the   next   day   in   Paris,   in   the DEA   offices,   entrance   street   la   Boetie,   at   the   back   of   the   Embassy   of   the United States. FERRAYE   has   informed   his   lawyer   Cyril   ABECASSIS   who   wished   to   accompany   him   in   Paris.   Cyril   ABECASSIS and   Joseph   FERRAYE   went   together   to   the   DEA,   where   they   were   received   by   Patrick   DAWSON,    who   forced ABECASSIS   to   wait   in   an   adjoining   room.   For   nearly    four   hours,   Patrick   DAWSON    asked   all   kinds   of   questions about   whether   FERRAYE   held   elements   that   cited   him   as   head   of   the   DEA   France   or   that   involved   the   DEA   in general. After questioning, DAWSON dismissed the two men and refused to meet with the lawyer. Coming   out   of   the   DEA,   Cyril ABECASSIS   has   led   FERRAYE   to   two   of   its   lawyers   Jewish   friends   in   Paris.   The   joint meeting lasted about 2 hours, after which the friends of ABECASSIS wished to speak with the lawyer only. Upon   his   return,   Cyril   ABECASSIS   was   crestfallen   mine   !   The   character   had   completely   changed,   his   earlier remarks   had   disappeared   and ABECASSIS   had   realized   that   his   only   way   to   deal   with   this   case   was   to   join   himself to scammers to receive its part. Therefore,   despite   him,   Cyril   ABECASSIS   joined   the   conspiracy   that   drove   Marc   BONNANT,    against   whom   he nourissait   yet   a   need   for   revenge   and   obvious   he   wanted   to   convict.   Marc   BONNANT   stung   his   wife   and   for   a "cuckold" then have to submit to the man who had cuckolded was unbearable, why ABECASSIS felt bad. Following   this   interview   in   Paris,   FERRAYE   remembered   that   he   had   heard   many   times   that   the   diversion   of   funds, also followed the Jewish network , without even knowing the activities of "world government - Bilderberg etc. In   an   interview   that   took   place   in   November   2001   between   FERRAYE   and   Tullio   PONZI    (friend   of   William Webster),    the    latter    told    FERRAYE    he    was    aware    of    his    meeting    with    the    DEA    DAWSON    in    Paris    and described   in   the   details,   especially   the   secondary   entrance   located   rue   de   la   Boetie   where   waiting DAWSON .   PONZI   confirmed   that,   that   day,   this   entry   had   been   released   specifically   for   the   coming   of FERRAYE,   that   there   were   no   witnesses   and   if   FERRAYE   was   not   accompanied   by   his   lawyer   Cyril ABECASSIS, he would never emerged from DEA offices. PONZI    also   revealed   during   same   interview   with   the   FERRAYE,   that   when   he   was   heard   twice   by   Bill   CAMPBELL at   the   US   Embassy   in   Bern,   describing   the   room,   their   conversation   was   broadcast   live   to   the   CIA   seat   in   the USA   ...    the   revelations   of   Tullio   PONZI   make   that    Patrick   DAWSON,   named   Dave   ROWE,   is   an   Murderer   in power and Bill CAMPBELL his sponsor. As   noted   above,   it   was   Bill   CAMPBELL   who   sent   FERRAYE   to   DAWSON    and   this   after   CAMPBELL   felt threatened   by   the   intervention   of   the   two   crooks   VENEAU    and   CARDI   who   corrupted   officials   from   the   DEA. This   is   corroborated   by   the   letter   of   5   September   1996   William   J.   CAMPBELL ,   head   of   the   DEA   in   Bern,   to   the Swiss   Federal   Police.   In   this   letter,   William   J.   CAMPBELL   made   a   statement   contrary   to   that   he   had   made February   7,   1996   when   he   said   to   FERRAYE   to   have   released   all   bank   accounts   Gerard   CRAUSAZ Inspector    No.    S8205    financial    police    Geneva    to    Prosecutor    KASPER-ANSERMET.    In    a    telephone interview   Feb.   8,   1996   with   FERRAYE    Gerard   CRAUSAZ   had   actually   confirmed   receiving   bank   accounts through   Bill   CAMPBELL.    In   its   letter   of   5   September   1996   CAMPBELL   clearly   wants   to   hide   his   involvement   and raises questions to mask his own involvement in the misappropriation and the laundering of royalties. The   CLINTON   era   was   marked   by   another   important   fact   that seems   to   indicate   that   the   corruption   of   the   greatest   world   power, has   spread   so   economical,   political   and   military   levels,   to   the presidency. Marc   RICH    was   born   in Anvers   (Belgium)   on   December   18,   1934 in   a   Jewish   family    emigrated   to   the   USA   during   the   war.   His   real name   was   David   Marcell   REICH.   He   combined   the American,   Spanish,   Israeli,   Belgian   and   Swiss nationalities.   He   lived   in   the   canton   of   ZUG   in   Switzerland   Specializes   in   commodities   trading,   Marc   Rich   founded the    Marc    RICH    Co,    that    later    became    GLENCORE    XSTRATA    also    based    in    ZUG.    The     " List    of    Swiss companies "    in which he was recorded, gives an idea of the extent of his  economic influence. Marc   RICH   has   built   much   of   his   fortune   bypassing   the   embargo   on   Iran   established   following   the   hostage-taking   of the   US   Embassy   in   Iran,   November   4,   1979   in   Tehran.   He   was   prosecuted   and   convicted   for   it   in   the   United   States for   violations   of   embargo.   September   19,   1983,   a   US   federal   grand   jury   accused   him   of   over   60   charges:   fraud, trading   with   the   enemy,   etc.   This   sentence   could   earn   him   up   to   325   years   in   prison.   But   it   is   imposed   in absentia,   Marc   Rich   having   fled   in   Switzerland.   He   refuses   extradition   requested   in   1984   by   the   United   States. Marc   RICH   installs   the   headquarters   of   his   companies   in   ZUG.   From   1983   to   2001,   Marc   RICH   was   on   the   list   of the   Ten   Most   Wanted   FBI   Fugitives.   Marc   RICH   got   the   "presidential   pardon"    from   Bill   Clinton   in December 2000, upon request of December 4, 2000   from President of UBS  Pierre DE WECK. January   20,   2001,   a   few   hours   before   Bill   Clinton    left   the   Presidency,   one   of his   last   official   acts   was   to   pardon   Marc   RICH .   This   presidential   amnesty raises   a   scandal   amplified   when   one   learns   that   Denise   RICH   ex-wife   of   the businessman   had   donated   one   million   dollars   to   the   Democratic   Party   and the   Clinton   Foundation.   At   a   congressional   hearing   to   determine   whether   the   pardon   was granted   in   exchange   for   contributions,   Denise   RICH   invoked   the   Fifth   Amendment    to   the US Constitution, which prohibits the government the power to compel a citizen to self-incrimination. In   April   2013,   as   part   of   "Offshore   leaks"    about   the   scandal   of   tax evasion     revealed    some    financial    records    showed    that    Denise RICH    had    concealed    in    April    2006,    USD    144    million    to    Cook Islands   in   the   South   Pacific,    as   trust   in   a   Learjet   60   and   a   157-foot yacht called the "Lady Joy." Secretary of State Christopher   WARREN   and   Madeleine ALBRIGHT   were   the   two   Secretaries   of   State under   the   presidency   of   Bill   Clinton.   The   State   Department   in   the   United   States   is the    federal    executive    department    responsible    for    international    relations.    It    is therefore   the   equivalent   of   a   foreign   ministry   headed   by   the   Secretary   of   State   as part   of   the   Presidential   Cabinet ,   an   executive   at   the   disposal   of   the   US   President and normally acts as an advisory structure of the Presidency. Christopher   WARREN   has   been   in   operation   on   20   January   1993   to   17   January 1997.   WARREN   succeeded    James   Addison   Baker   III,   who   had   held   the   position under   the   BUSH   Presidency   on   January      20,   1989   to   23 August   1992    the   first   period of the scam of royalties from Kuwait. On   February   9,   1993,   Madeleine   ALBRIGHT   was   appointed   US   Ambassador   to   the   UNO    by President   Bill   CLINTON   with   the   Presidential   Cabinet   rank.    Today   we   know   the   crucial   role   played   by   the United   Nations   in   the   FERRAYE   royalties   laundering   and   so   we   understand   why   the   ambassador   had   access to   the   "Cabinet"    ...   Madeleine   ALBRIGHT was   appointed   Secretary   of   State   by   the   President   Bill   CLINTON   on December 5, 1996 and was invested on January 23, 1997. In   2001   at   the   end   of   the   term   CLINTON   Madeleine   ALBRIGHT    founded   the   ALBRIGHT      Group,    a   consulting firm   in   international   strategy   based   in   Washington   DC.   She   counted   Coca-Cola,   Merck,   Dubai   Ports   World   and Marsh & McLennan among its clients. In   2003,   she   accepted   a   place   at   the   New   York   Stock   Exchange   Directors   Council.   In   2005, Albright   decided   not   to seek   a   second   term,   in   the   aftermath   of   the   scandal   Grasso,   in   which   the   Chairman   of   the   Board   of   Directors   of the   NYSE   Dick   Grasso,   perceived   his   departure   for   an   allowance   of   $   187.5   million ,   with   weak   governance of the Council in which ALBRIGHT sat ... Presidency of Georges W. BUSH George   W.   Bush   (Rep.)   has   succeeded   Bill   Clinton   in   January   1991   and   has   chaired   the   United States   until   2009.   He   was   elected   twice   as   Governor   of   Texas.   His   presidency   is,   among   others, marked   by   the   attacks   of   September   11,   2001,   by   the   outbreak   of   wars   in   Afghanistan   and   Iraq and    the    "Patriot   Act"    and    by    the    subprime    crisis    that    was    nothing    but    a    money    laundering operation. Three prosecutors practiced their torturers ideas in the BUSH era : John ASHCROFT  01.02.2001 - 20.01.2005 Alberto GONZALES  03.02.2005 - 17.09.2007 Michael B. MUKASEY  09.11.2007 - 20.01.2009 John   ASHCROFT   was   to   the   origin   of   the   Patriot   Act    (which   allows   among   others   the   use   of   torture)   after   the attacks   of   September   11,   2001.   The   systematic   use   of   terrorist   threat   to   justify   his   political   decisions   may   restrict civil   liberties   eventually   make   itself   suspect   of   rear   electoral   thoughts.   It   ended   up   being   the   symbol   and   the reference anti-Bush groups. Alberto   GONZALES   was   to   the   origin   of   the   presidential   decree   authorizing   the   use   of   military   tribunals   to   judge terrorist   suspects,   as   the   legal   arguments   used   to   prevent   Congress   from   having   access   to   preparatory   documents for   the   energy   laws   and   environment   and   the   introduction   of   the   Patriot   Act   which   he   was   an   early   advocate.   He was   Involved   in   several   political   affairs   as   one   related   to   the   ouster   of   federal   prosecutors   in   2006,   seen   as   a political purge or another on his alleged role in an extensive wiretapping program. Michael   MUKASEY   was   appointed   federal   judge   in   New   York   by   Ronald   Reagan   in   1987   where   he   served   for   19 years   before   returning   to   the   private   sector.   It   was   he   who   judged   the   ten   defendants   in   the   attack   on   the   World Trade   Center   in   1993   and   led   the   legal   proceedings   concerning   the   attacks   of   September   11,   2001.   He   was   a strong   supporter   of   the   Patriot   Act.    During   his   hearing   by   the   Senate,   MUKASEY    refused   to   comment   on   the legality of the simulation of drownind against terrorism suspects, denounced by detractors as acts of torture. The   links   of   the   BUSH   family   and   the   BIN   LADEN   family   who   managed   their   respective   heritage   through   the CARLYLE   Group,   will   be   used   to   demonstrate   that   the   financial   network   of   BIN   LADEN   was   probably   used   to defraud   and   launder   FERRAYE   royalties   and   that   the   September   11,   2001   attacks   are   perhaps   not   unrelated   to   this case. William   WEBSTER    cited   above,   former   head   of   the   CIA   and   FBI   reportedly   told   his   friend   Tullio   PONZI    that Jean-Marie   GHISLAIN   Chairman   of   WILDROSE   and   EVERTON   Enterprise   Ltd,   two   shells   companies   set   up by   ERNST   &   YOUNG    by   agreements   with   FERRAYE,   to   defraud   his   royalties,   appeared   in   the   Osama   BIN LADEN laundering network. If   it   is   known   that   at   the   time   of   the   attacks,   more   than   4,000   procedures    were   being   linked   with   archives   that   were in   the   walls   of   the   World   Trade   Center   and   that   these   procedures   would   inevitably   highlight   the   perpetrators   of crimes   related   to   the   FERRAYE   scam   initiated   by   the   top   leadership   of   the   state,    the   conspiracy   theory becomes more than plausible ! This   understood   and   bearing   in   mind   the   total   absence   of   ethics   and   morality   of   George   W.   BUSH,   it   is   not unlikely   that   the   instigators   of   the   attack   of   September   11,   2001   could   not   be   those   who   have   been designated,   but   that   they   can   be   in   the   highest   levels   of   the   state.   Do   not   forget   that   hundreds   of   billions   of   dollars (it was about 2,000 to 3,000 billion in 1991, twice at least 10 years later) were at stake. Another   intriguing   fact   is   that   CREDIT   SUISSE,   one   of   the   banks   initiator   in   the   scam   of   royalties,   occupied   office space   for   80   people   in   the   World   Trade   Center.   But   on   September   11,   2001,   there   was   no   staff   present   at   their place of work, because the bank had "organized" a session outside ... Confusing right ? The   History   tab   /   Companies   screens,    giving   a   more   complete   picture   of   BUSH   /   BIN   LADEN   implications   in this   case.    The   involvement   of   Pierre-Olivier   SARKOZY,   brother   of   the   French   fallen   President,   who   was former executive of UBS and CREDIT SUISSE, before managing over USD 500 billion in the Carlyle Group, etc. Donald   H.   RUMSFELD   and   Robert   GATES   were   both   Secretaries   of   Defence   under the Presidency of George W. Bush. As   described   above,   Donald   H.   RUMSFELD   appeared   to   RC   CH-020.3.900.058-8   as Administrator   of   the   swiss   company   ABB Asea   Brown   Boveri   Ltd.   Zurich   from   1991 to   1993    during   the   first   scam   of   royalties   from   the   wells   extinction   in   Kuwait   and   sale   of systems.   before   the   funds   sequestration   in   1996.   He   sat   at   that   time   alongside   Percy   Nills   BARNEVIK ,   Josef ACKERMANN,    Stephan    SCHMIDHEINY,    David    de    PURY    Helmut    MAUCHER,    etc.    The    list    of    links    is representative of influence. Now,   after   the   lifting   of   the   sequestration   of   royalties,   when   he   had   to   channel   funds   to   launder   them,   Donald   H. RUMSFELD   appears   again   in   another ABB   company,   RC   CH-   New ABB   Ltd   Zürich   where   he   was Administrator   from      June   28,   1999   to   May   11,   2001,   alongside   Percy   Nills   BARNEVIK   one   more   time,   as   we   have just   seen. The   article   "How   well   control   technical   Were   refined   in   KUWAIT"   of   the   magazine   WORLD   OIL   May   1992, was   written   by   Larry   FLAK   engineer   who   coordinated   the   work   for   wells   extinction   from   19   March   to   15   November 1991.   FLAK   describes   the   technical   characteristics   of   new   systems,   but   attributed   them   to   ABB   VETCO   GRAY, whose   CEO   is   none   other   than   Percy   BARNEVIK   ...   He   mentions   yet ABB   VETCO   GRAY,   who   led   the   mechanical workshop   Kuwait   Oil   Company   in   Ahmadi,   was   able   to   achieve   geometric   methods.   From   that   moment   FLAK technically falls within the description of the technical characteristics of new systems owned by FERRAYE ... About   Robert   GATES,    he   was   Director   of   the   CIA   from   November   6,   1991   to   January   20,   1993   (successor   to William   WEBSTER)   at   the   time   of   the   royalties   were   scammed   with   the   complicity   of   the   DEA,    complicity   in   which the head for France Patrick DAWSON, and superior CAMPBELL were very active. Robert   GATES   was   also   Secretary   of   Defence   under   the   Presidency   of   George   W.   BUSH   and   Barack   OBAMA than until June 30, 2011. He succeeded Donald H. Rumsfeld. It   is   useful   to   digress   and   report   here   links   of   the   French   deposed   President Nicolas   SARKOZY   with   the   CIA   ...   In   1976,   the   mother   of   Nicolas   SARKOZY remarried   Frank   G.   WISNER   CEO   of   CIA   to   which   Nicolas   SARKOZY   made several   trips.   This   indicates   without   doubt   the   active   involvement   of   the   CIA and   the   DEA   in   the   scam   by   the   French   Government,   royalties   on   patents   FERRAYE with CIA complicity. View tab Countries / France / Présidential - Portrait SARKOZY In   addition,   Pierre-Olivier   SARKOZY,   brother   of   the   French   deposed   president,   who   had   been   part   of UBS   and   Credit   Suisse   before   managing   a   fund   of   more   than   $   500   billion   in   the   Carlyle   Group,   Make wondering... Secretary of State Colin   POWELL   (Rep.)   was   Joint   Staff   Chief   from   1989   to   1993   and   therefore   led American   and   allied   troops   during   Operation   "Desert   Storm"    in   Kuwait.   He   became the   65th   Secretary   of   State    with   entrance   to   the   "Presidential   Cabinet ,   from January   20,   2001   to   January   26,   2005.   He   was   the   author   of   controversial   evidence about   the   existence   of   chemical   weapons   in   Iraq   to   justify   the   entry   war   of   the United   States.   The   case   cited   by   Colin   POWELL   had   been   provided   by   the   British Administration of Tony BLAIR who recognize on February 7, 2003 "blunders" certainly volunteers  in the folder. Before   becoming   Secretary   of   State,   Condoleezza   RICE    (Rep.)      had   served   on   several   boards,   including   that   of the   Chevron   oil   tanker.   She   was   thus   a   major   actress   in   Kuwait   in   1991.   From   the   taking   office   of   George   W. BUSH in January 2001, she became his national security adviser, a position she held until 2005. On   November   16,   2004,   she   was   appointed   by   the   President,   a   few   days   after   his   re-election,   as   Secretary   of State ,   after   the   resignation   of   Colin   POWELL.   In   April   2009,   the   Senate   of   the   United   States   revealed   that Condoleezza RICE  had authorized the use of muscled torture methods. Presidency of Barack OBAMA He betrayed the expectations of the peoples of the whole world ! By    supporting    Hillary    CLINTON,    Michèle    and    Barack    OBAMA    have    demonstrated    their    support    for corruption. It is time for you, Sir, to leave the White House Ba rack   Hussein   Obama   II    (Democ.)   Took   office   as   the   44th   President   of   the   United States   of   America   on   20   January   2009.   He   was   previously   Senator   from   Illinois   from 1997 to 2004 and US Senator for Illinois from 2005 to 2008. Nothing   before   his   support   for   Hillary   CLINTON   during   the   Presidential,   unlike his   predecessors,   did   allow   us   to   make   the   link   between   Barack   Obama   and   the swindle    of    FERRAYÉ’s    royalties,    although    it    would    be    naive    to    think    that    the assumption   of   the   post   of   1st   Citizen   of   the   world   is   unlikely   without   hidden   pots   in   the closets. Annoying   downside   has   been   the   appointment   of   Hilla r y CLINTON   as   secretary   of   state   next   to   the   Machiavellian   activities   of   President ClINTON   and   his   Government   in   the   scam   and   money   laudering   of   FERRAYE   royalties. Confirmed   upstart   without   ethical   or   moral,   Hillary   CLINTON   would   certainly   have   been a   perfect   secretary   of   state,   but   during   the   presidency   of   George   W.   BUSH.   John KERRY   succeeded   Hillary   Clinton,   but   as   member   of   the   Masonic   lodge   Sculls   and Bones (1966), he cannot be more credible than George W. BUSCH member of the same Lodge since 1968. It   is   now   less   than   one   year   to   President   Obama   to   restore   the   U.S.   prestige   and   make   it   again   an   economic   and political   power   respected   in   the   world.   But   such   a   reconstruction   that   can   only   be   based   on   strong   moral   values which will not stop at the hypotrites "God bless America" of George W. Bush,  will require huge capital. And   it   is   in   this   context   that   the   Obama   Administration   could   play   a   vital   role   in   the   takeover   of   the   economy financed   by   the   FERRAYE   royalties.   Time   is   now   to   deliver   this   economic   power   in   the   hands   of   citizens   to   which   it belongs,   and   show   the   world   that   defraud   the   property   of   others   leads   "directly   to   the   Prison   box,   bypassing   the start without touching premium" in the words on well-known game "Monopoly". The   Attorney   General   of   the   United   States   Loretta   LYNCH   has   been   operational   since April   27,   2015.   The   Attorney   LYNCH   forged   his   career   among   others   working   on   several cases   of   political   corruption   involving   the   Goubernement   Brookhaven,   New York.   From   1998 to   1999   she   was   the   chief   assistant   U.S.   Attorney   in   the   Eastern   District   and   headed   the Brooklyn office. The   MONEY   PLANE    file   shows   us   today   that   she   has   been   active   in   the   swindle and   money-laundering   of   the   FERRAYÉ’s   royalties   by   the   FED   of   thousands   of billions   of   dollars.   A   criminal   complaint   against   Prosecutor   Loretta   LYNCH   will   be filed   before   the   end   of   November   2016.   It   should   be   noted   that   the   complaints   of May   13.2015   and   October   13,   2016   were   addressed   to   her   and   that   no   action   was   taken,   Confirming   his complicity ! Lynch's    office    prosecuted    Republican    congressman    Michael    Grimm;    prosecuted    Democratic    politicians    Pedro Espada   Jr.   and   William   Boyland,   Jr.;   investigated   Citigroup   over   mortgage   securities   sold   by   the   bank,   resulting   in   a US$7   billion   settlement;   and   was   involved   in   the   US$1.2   billion   settlement   with   HSBC   over   violations   of   the   Bank Secrecy Act. Nomination   process   of   Loretta   Lynch   was   one   of   the   longest   in   the   history   of   the   United   States.   In   cause,   the Republican   opposition   including   the   President   of   Señal   Chuck   Grassley.   The   problem   was   a   divergence   on   the   role of   Loretta   Lynch   in   1999   -   when   she   was   Attorney   in   New   York   -   as   part   of   a   settlement   of   USD   1.9   billion   against HSBC for money laundering. Note that Loretta LYNCH was a member of the Board of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York The   new   Attorney   General   of   the   United   States   seems   to   have   the   useful   baggage   for   combating   organized   crime among   others   by   the   banking   system.   It   is   urgent   that   Swiss   banking   secrecy   must   disappear,   as   tax   havens everywhere   on   the   planet,   including   DELAWARE   and   clear   signs   should   be   given   in   this   regard.   These   financial intruments   have   not   been   implemented   for   the   only   tax   evasion,   but   especially   t o   allow   the   Organized   Crime   to practice   their   trade   with   total   impunity.    And   God   knows   that   bankers   are   leading   the   organized   crime   in this   case   !   All   bankers   who   have   contributed   to   this   scam   and   now   control   some   USD   30'000'000'000'000.-   from 2’000   to   3’000   billion   from   the   sale   of   systems   in   1992,   must   render   the   entire   economy   set   up   with   the   scamed royalties   and   they   have   to   be   brought   to   justice.   It   is   the   same   for   all   reviewers   as   ERNST   &   YOUNG,   KPMG, DELOITTE,   PRICEWATERHOUSE,   ARTHUR   ANDERSON   (which   now   practice   in   Switzerland   under   the   name   of ALH   Plano AG   Zürich),   BDO,   etc.   The   credit   rating   agencies   STANDARD   &   POOR'S,   MOODY's,   FITCH   RATINGS, etc. also should not escape justice. The   global   economy   is   to   be   conducted   by   business   captains   who   will   make   the   economic system   evolve   at   the   service   of   the   Citizens.   The   time   where   people   are   slaves   to   the   capital   is definitely gone and the highlighting of this gigantic scam may change the course of the world.
Involvement   of   the   United   States   of   America   in   the   scam   and   money   laundering   of FERRAYE royalties
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