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States involved in the scam of the royalties on the patents of  Joseph FERRAYE
After   being   conned,   Joseph   FERRAYE   enlisted   the   services   of   a   former   ex   agent   of   the   “DST“   Direction of   Territorial   Surveillance   -   French   Secret   Service)   named   Daniel   LEVAVASSEUR.   He   iwas   the   one   who found the accounts on which was the product of the scame. Then,   a   complaint   was   filed   by   Joseph   FERRAYÉ   –   written   by   lawyers   Marc   BONNANT   and   Dominique WARLUZEL   both   in   Geneva.   This   complaint   led   to   escrow   all   funds,   but   scammers   have   not   been arrested... In   complicity   with   the   lawyer   LE   MAZOU   and   the   french   notary   Eric   DE   LA   HAYE-ST-HILAIRE,   Joseph FERRAYÉ    lawyers,    BONNANT    and    WARLUZEL    have    entrusted    to    the    Notary    Pierre    MOTTU    in Geneva, care to write  rights agreements  contentious. The   goal   was   to   find   a   way   to   get   from   scammers,   the   ability   to   take   control   of   the   capital   they   had cheated.   In   return   they   should   be   acquitted   of   criminal   charges   against   them...   According   to established   conventions   made   by   Notar   MOTTU,   Joseph   FERRAYÉ   to   whom   all   royalties   should   be returned,   only   received   peanuts...   and   even   then   finally   he   has   not   received   one   penny...   According   to his   lawyer   Marc   BONNANT   -   who   had   drafted   the   complaint   of   January   29,1996   with   Dominique WARLUZEL,   on   behalf   of   FERRAYÉ   to   sequester   the   royalties   -   it   stated   his   accomplices   :   " If   you   give him (Joseph FERRAYÉ)  USD 1.-, he will use it against us for us to condemn and recover all funds” ! The   Swiss   judiciary   -   certainly   highly   corrupt   -   lent   itself   to   this   abuse   of   right   to   the   highest authorities   levels.   The   evidence   is   so   given   that   Switzerland   is   a   state   of   lawlessness   where organized   crime   has   made   its   mark   even   within   the   State.   Good   luck   to   investors   who   dare   put their money in Switzerland...
Extinction   and   blocking   patents   of   oil   wells   have   been   filed   at   the   INPI   (National   Institut   of   industrial property) Department led at the time by Dominique STRAUSS KAHN (DSK). It   is   on   the   order   of   the   french   Government   that   patents   have   been   disclosed   and   that   the   royalties   that resulted   were   defrauded.   The   financial   responsibility   of   France   is   committed   on   hundreds   of   billions   of dollars.
The   Grand-Duché   of   Luxembourg   is   headed   by   the   Monarch   Henri Albert   Gabriel   Félix   Marie   Guillaume   of   Luxembourg.   By   definition,   He is primarily responsible for its managed state affairs At   his   accession   to   the   throne,   Grand-Duc   Henri   has   taken   following oath : "I   swear   to   observe   the   Constitution   and   laws   of   the   Grand-Duché   of Luxembourg,     maintaining     national     independence     and     territorial integrity as well as public and individual freedoms." Jean-Claude   Juncker   was   Prime   Minister   of   Luxembourg   from   January 20.   1995   to   November   1st   2014,   a   period   after   which   he   became   the 12th President of the European Commission. As   demonstrated   under   the   tab   CLEARSTREAM,   Jean-Claude   Juncker is    directly    related    to    the    "most    mysterious    international    financial companies   installed   in   Luxembourg"   as   read   in   the   title   of   an   article and confirmed by the revelations of LUX LEAK. The   recent   history   of   the   USA   from   1991   to   today,   began   with   the   fall   of   the   Soviet   Union   and   the end   of   the   Cold   War,   which   also   coincided   with   the   end   of   undisputed   vision   of   America   as   a "super power. " The   USA   has   had   a   leading   role   in   the   military   intervention   “Desert   Storm”   against   the   Iraqi   invasion force,   to   support   their   KUWAITI   allied   (strategic   ally   in   the   Middle   East   in   the   Persian   Gulf).   George HW   BUSCH    (Rep.)   Was   then   President.   Bill   CLINTON    (Democ)   succeeded   him   in   1993,   followed by George W. BUSCH  (Rep.) in 2001 and to Barack Hussein OBAMA  (Democ.) in 2009. The    Tab    “USA”    demonstrates    the    direct    involvement    of    several    governments    of    the    USA, Republicans and Democrats alike, in the scam and laundering of FERRAYE royalties.
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