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Beyond   the   Banksters,   the   last   ones   to   whom   we   must   trust,   are   leaders   of our     countries     whatever     they     are     (members     of     our     governments     and parliaments),   which   nevertheless   would   be   expected   to   defend   our   intrérêts, are   laughing   at   us   (sic   !).   Alexis   Tsipras   is   now   the   exception   that   proves   the rule. According    to    Dr.    Peter    J.    GILBERT,    former    Freemason    repented    (see    details      Freemasonry    page   5),   «   LIE   TO   THE   PEOPLE   must   become   second   nature   for those   who   drive   the   states    »    and   we   must   recognize   that   they   excel   in   this   vice. How   many   times,   have   we   seen   politicians   certify   the   facts   of   a   situation   which denounced their acts, where they had to admit their lies  thereafter. Trusting   in   Brussels   and   its   technocrats   would   be   a   suicide.   Alexis   Tsipras   has   already   understood   that   and for his clairvoyance, he deserves our highest respect and support of its people united behind him. There   is   no   doubt   that   for   weeks,   politicians   from   the   European   Commission   have   never   had   for   intention   to   save Greece,   despite   the   discours   of   Jean-Claude   JUNCKER   who   is   nothing   else   that   a   manipulator   and   liar   by   job. The   only   objective   of   the   EC   under   the   leadership   of   its   President,   had   for   vocation   to   take   out   the   foreign   banks   from the   quagmire   in   which   they   wallow   always   unscrupulously   whatever   collateral   damage   they   make,   by   only   lure   of gain and for the monstrous bonus which Banksters withdraw from it. We   are   here   face   an   a   economic   organized   crime   in   band   and   by   job,   in   which   the   United   States   and   their   allied governments   formed   of   servils   Freemasons      contribute   to   executing   the   directives   of   the   highest   Masonic   global spheres   (Bilderberg,   Trilateral   Commission,   CFR   (Council   on   Foreign   Relations)   origins   in   the   USA),   whose   the   only objective   since   1954   is   to   take   control   of   Peoples   and   of   the   global   economy.   They   only   want   to   restore   slavery   for their   own   benefit   and   they   have   already   succeeded   in   part,   because   the   "working   poors"   have   never   been   so numerous   and   because   too   often   one   job   is   not   enough   to   survive.   These   Criminals   among   whom   we   count   the heads   crowned   of   Europe,   the   biggest   captains   of   the   economy,   but   also   the   members   of   the   IMF,   the   ECB,   etc., evolve   with   complete   impunity,   precisely   because   they   are   protected   by   their   Masons   Government   lackeys   which control the States. The   members   of   the   judicial   powers   being   elected   by   politicians,   it   becomes   obvious   that   there   is   nothing   to   expect from   services   of   "justice"   which   are   in   fact   only   additional   ramparts   to   protect   the   criminals   who   are   active.   The   so called "separation of powers"  is actually an  illusion and one more politician lie... The EC and its untenable demands Why does Europe trembles at the idea of Grexit ? MILLIONS IN DEAD LOSS ON TREASURY BONDS (BY COUNTRY) The   amounts   below   are   for   the   Greek   debt   (BdT)   only   purchased   by   European   banks.   The   French   and   German banks are the most exposed. 10’203 million EURO for Germany   1’368 million EURO for France      923 million EURO for Niederland      800 million EURO for Italy      301 million EURO for Spain      263 million EURO for  Portugal        97 million EURO for Austria        60 million EURO for Irland        29 million EURO for Belgium EXPOSED CREDIT DEFAULT SWAPS TERM On   Sunday,   June   7,   2015,   the   first   German   bank   DEUTSCHE   BANK    announced   the   unexpected   resignation   of   two co-CEOs,   Anshu   Jain   and   Jürgen   Fitschen,   shaken   by   a   rain   of   scandals.   Yet   their   contracts   would   run   until   the   end of March 2017... The following information may give an idea of the reasons for these resignations : The DEUTSCHE BANK is exposed to Greece for 2 billion euros DEUTSCHE   BANK   is   additionally   exposed   to   64   trillion   (64,000   billion)   through   its   Credit   Default   SWAPS ... knowing that GDP in Germany is only 4 trillion ... By   absolute   default   payment   of   Greece,   the   DEUTSCHE   BANK   will   be   in   the   front   line   with   HSBC   and   Credit Agricole. It will be a massacre with blood on the walls, as in 1914. This   is   certainly   also   the   reason   why   HSBC   announced   June   9,   2015,   the   dismissal   of   50,000   employees.   It becomes   urgent   to   protect   oneself   against   the   taken   commitments,   among   others   CDS.   Welcome   to   the   world of debt in turn, thank you Blythe **  (see below) and Goldman Sachs. We   must   note   first   of   all   that   the   DEUTSCHE   BANK   is   the   mother   company   of   DEUTSCHE   BÖRSE which    itself    holds    CLEARSTREAM,    international    clearing    house    located    in    Luxembourg,    formerly controlled   by   the   Prime   Minister   of   Luxembourg   Jean-Claude   JUNCKER,   current   President   of   the European Commission... The   former   Cedel   became   CLEARSTREAM   with   branch   in   Geneva,   has   been   very   active   in   the swindle   and   laundering   of   royalties   of      FERRAYE   patents   since   1991.   Two   amazing   numbers   to remember    :    In    1995,    before    the    release    of    the    sequestration    of    royalties    by    the    Geneva prosecutor   Bernard   BERTOSSA,   friend   of   Ernest   Backes   (3rd   senior   executive   of   the   company), CLEARSTREAM   held   1,900   accounts.   Five   years   later   in   2000,   after   the   release   of   trillions   of royalties,   there   were   more   than   7,500   accounts      in   management   !   CLEARSTREAM   was   headed   at this time by André LUSSY, former Director of UBS. A   study   of   Christian   Chavagneux,   author   of   "Economics   and   International   Policy"   in   the   "Economic   Alternatives" newspaper   No.   194   from   July   2001   was   that   «   4,000   billion   euros   of   dirty   money   »   would   have   transited CLEARSTREAM... Following     the    release    of    the    book    REVELATION $ ,    the    Luxembourg    Justice    (Jean-Claude    Juncker    was    Prime Minister)   had   been   forced   to   recognize   that   about   "15%   of   transactions   went   through   the   occult   accounts.   As CLEARSTREAM   spent   a   total   of   50,000   billion   transactions   in   2000,   15%   in   question   corresponded   to   7,500   billion euros.If   only   the   half   of   suspicious   transactions   concerned   were   dirty   money,   this   would   then   represent   almost   4’000 billion euros of dirty money... Blythe     Sally     Masters      quoted above   was   born   March   22,   1969 in   Oxford,   UK.   She   is   a   market operator    of    JP    Morgan    &    Co. (now    JPMorgan    Chase)    in    the basic    resources    sector    and    raw essential   materials(head   of   global commodities). free She   is   generally   credited   with creating    the    modern    form    of credit   default   SWAPS   (CDS)   in 1994,    which    is    an    «exchange contract   by   default»   or   cover   of failure Without   the   obligation   to   set   aside funds    to    ensure    the    transaction, the     protection     seller     receives periodic     bonuses     and     increases     its     assets     without     any     capital investment    if    no    credit    event    occurs    to    maturity    of    the    contract. Otherwise,   by   event   more   or   less   probable   but   very   expensive,   it   is forced   to   make   a   contingent   payment,   so   to   provide   ex-post   funding. This is therefore an off-balance sheet exposure. (extract wikipedia) The    above    extract    shows    that    in    2012,    SWAP    commitment    had amounted   to   over   770'500   billion.    This   is   certainly   why   Blythe   Masters has   been   accused   by   the   British   newspaper   The   Guardian   of   being   «   the   woman   who   invented   financial   weapons of mass destruction ». The   table   of   "Public   Enemies"   would   not   be   complete   without   the   two   French   directors of   the   IMF,   Dominique   Strauss-Kahn   and   Christine   Lagarde   who   both   were   Ministers   of France,   when   the   French   Government   has   assigned   the   patent   to   their   own   profit, without   to   inform   the   Inventor.   Recall   that   Dominique   Strauss-Kahn   was   then   Minister of   the   INPI   (National   Institute   for   Industrial   Protection)   and   that   he   was   responsible   for the   protection   of   patents   to   his   Ministry.   So   he   is   the   man   who   as   divulged   the   patents for   the   technic   for   the   extinguishing   and   blocking   wells   systems   for   the   use   in   KOWEIT and   has   shared   all   the   economic   benefits   of   the   systems   with   all   members   of   the   Government   at   that   time   (see corresponding   page ) .   It   was   then   a   question   of   some   3,000   billion   in   the   period   of   which   the   official   dollar   rate   was almost the double that of today. There   is   no   doubt   that   the   IMF    has   been   a   centerpiece   of   royalties   laundering   (see   also   below:   "Swiss   citizens betrayed   by   their   politicians   /   the   plan   of   the   CIA).    Let   us   call   back   besides   that   all   the   transfers   were   made   with   the blessing   of   the   American   Government   under   the   guardianship   of   which   is   the   IMF   and   that   the   seal   of   the   DEA   was affixed   on   every   transfer,   so   that   they   escapes   any   control.   Patrick   DAWSON   Head   of   the   DEA    for   France   was parked in Gland, Switzerland, and had assumed the mission. The   US   government   is   also   directly   responsible   for   this   swindle,   whose   current   responsibility   is   to   over 30,000   billion,   since   firstly,   transactions   in   dollars   which   he   has   control   are   in   its   liability   and   other   share because   the   scam   took   place   with   the   direct   participation   of   a   senior   official   of   the   US.   But   as   seen   below,   the swindles of Grouvernement of the USA are common practices ! The   last   Public   Enemy   we   will   mention   here,   also   responsible   for   this   slaughter   just   like   the previous two, is certainly Mario Draghi,  President of the ECB (European Central Bank). Director   General   of   the   Italian   Treasury   Ministry   and   in   charge   of   privatization   from   1991   to   2001 Mario   Draghi   also   chaired   the   Italian   Committee   for   privatization   from   1993   to   2001.   À   ce   titre,   he was   a   member   of   the   board   of   several   banks   and   companies   in   the   process   of   privatization.   Mario   DRAGHI    was from   2002   to   2005,   vice-president   of   the   European   branch   of   the   American   investment   bank   Goldman   Sachs, which   was   involved   in   the   scam   of   the   royalties.This   function   ready   to   controversy   about   a   possible   conflict   of   interest with   his   ECB   President   function:   against   remuneration,   the   investment   bank   Goldman   Sachs   helped   Greece,   in particular   to   conceal   its   public   deficit   through   a   process   considered   as   falling   under   accounting   inventiveness.   The MEP    Pascal    Canfin    believes    he    is    directly    involved    in    the    SWAPS    exchange    with    some    states    today    in difficulty,    what   denies   Mario   Draghi,   who   specify   that   such   contracts   were   incurred   before   his   appointment   to Goldman   Sachs   ;   He   will   affirm   at   a   hearing   by   MEPs,   to   have   worked   ONLY   with   the   private   sector,   while, according    a    press    release    Goldman    Sachs,    he    was    also    responsible    for    the    work        with    Governments    and Governmental   Agencies      (public   actors)   and   for   the   strategic   Development   in   Europe,   with   the   main   leaders   of   the firm. (extract wikipedia) But   we   know   of   course   that   :   «   LIE   TO   THE   PEOPLE   must   become   second   nature   for   those   who   drive   the   states   » The USA looted gold of Europe and remelted the ingot other countries... On   March   3rd,   2008,   Prof.   Werner   Wüthrich,   Doctor   of   Political   Science.   wrote   in   the   Swiss   web   magazine   "Horizons &   Debates"   that   the   Swiss   National   Bank    Swiss   National   Bank    (SNB)   still   held   2,600   tonnes   of   gold   and   that   it   had already   sold   half.    We   can   therefore   consider   that   the   gold   reserves   of   the   NBS   until   2008   amounted   to   some   5’200 tons...       It   is   further   stated   that   250   additional   tons   were   to   be   sold   to   buy   US   dollar,   a   bank   note   that   has   today   no more value as paper, since it has no more gold coverage. During   the   same   period,   while   other   countries   were   invited   by   the   USA   to   sell   their   gold   so   that   their   currencies   are also   less   attached   to   the   gold   coverage,   to   approach   the   situation   of   the   dollars,   it   should   be   noted   that   the   Federal Reserve   (owned   by   banks   private)   has   not   sold   one   single   gram   of   its   gold   ...   If   Federal   Reserve   is      constituted   by 12   US   regional   banks,    these   are   controlled   themselves   in   direct   links   by   Rothschild,   the   Bank   of   England   and   the banking   houses   of   London,    which   control   after   all,   the   Federal   Reserve   Banks   through   their   participations   in   the capital    of   these   banks   and   their   New   York   subsidiaries.   The   two   main   banks   representative   of   Rothschild   in   New York,   JP   Morgan   Co.   and   Kuhn,   Loeb   &   Co.,   are   the   financial   groups   that   organized   the   Jekyll   Island   conference, at   which   the   Federal   Reserve   Act   was   drafted.   They   led   the   victorious   campaign   that   followed   to   get   the   US Congress   vote   on   this   bill,   and   they   took   a   controlling   stake   in   1914   in   the   Federal   Reserve   Bank   of   New   York. The   main   leaders   of   these   companies   were   appointed   to   the   Board   of   Governors   of   the   Federal   Reserve   and   to   the Federal   Advisory   Committee   in   1914.   80%   of   the   New   York   Federal   Reserve   Bank   -   which   owns   the   Fed's decision-making   power   -   would   be   in   the   hands   of   only   eight   families,   four   of   whom   reside   in   the   US   ...It   is question   of   Goldman   Sachs,   Rockefellers,   Lehmans   and   Kuhn   Loebs   New   York;   The   Rothschilds   of   Paris   and London; The Warburgs of Hamburg; The Lazards of Paris, the Israel Moses Seifs of Rome. Illegality of the Federal Reserve? The   law   of   the   Federal   Reserve   (Federal   Reserve   Act   of   1913)   is   established   on   very   shaky   bases   as   the   (National Recovery   Act).   The   NRA   law   was   challenged   in   the   case   Poultery   Shelter   c   /   United   States   of   America,   29   US   495, 55   837   842   us   (1935),   the   NRA   was   declared   unconstitutional   by   the   Supreme   Court   on   the   basis   that   "Congress   can not   abdicate   or   transfer   to   third   parties   its   regulatory   functions.   The   congress   cannot,   constitutionally,   delegate   its legislative authority to trading or industrial companies or to groups, to yield them the power to make laws. Should   we   then   conclude   that   the   Federal   Reserve   is   in   the   hands   of   criminals   who   swindle   the   other   nations with   total   impunity   and   that   the   gold   of   the   nations   in   question   deposited   in   its   coffers   is   held   by   an   Crime Organization in band and by job ? Gold reserves of Germany (extract book 666 - Pierre JOVANOVIC) The   story   of   the   disappearance   of   the   gold   reserves   of   Germany,   which   were   stored   in   the   vaults   of   the   Federal Reserve, suggests to us that the Organization of the aforementioned crime might well be confirmed. The   ingots   deposited   by   Germany   were   numbered   and   the   German   Central   Bank   "Bundesbank"   was   supposed   to have   it   available.   In   reality,   as   soon   as   the   Bundesbank   wished   to   repatriate   its   gold,   it   was   declared   to   him   that   this was   not   possible   and   that   repatriation   would   be   done   gradually   over   a   long   period   of   7   years   ... And   the   scandal   does not stop here. At   the   end   of   2013,   370   tonnes   of   German   gold   should   have   been   returned. These   are   however   only   30   tons   that   had been   returned.   Moreover,   these   were   not   the   Germanic   ingots   stamped   999%   deposited   50   years   earlier   in   New York that   have   been   returned,   but   ingots   even   not   Germans,   whose   purity   was   only   991%...   The   German   engineers   have also considered that another 300 tonnes of gold did not meet the standards expected of a gold ingot... Logical   conclusion,   the   US   bank   opened   a   safe   that   was   not   his   and   without   the   permission   of   the   owner,   has   sold   its content   ...   This   comportment   is   criminal   and   as   many   Nations   had   entrusted   their   gold   to   the   Federal   Reserve,   all indications   suggests   that   this   procedure   was   or   is   customary.   In   other   terms,   successive   US   Governments   have played   as   banksters   !   Was   it   to   finance   their   multiple   wars   Worldwide   to   promote   and   run   their   military   economy,   one more time without considering collateral DAMAGES ? This   was   followed   by   a   panic   at   the   New   York   Fed   that   led   to   an   extraordinary   drop   in   the   gold   price   during   the   year 2013. This   decrease   was   orchestrated   by   the   White   House   with   the   complicity   of   the   bosses   of   the   largest   US   banks, so that the Fed could redeem at low cost ingots to start the restitution. The   publication   of   "Die   Welt"    of      January   19,   2014   revealed   that   on   all   German   gold   reserves   that   should   be restitued,    only    5    tons    were    repatriated    immediately,    which    caused    an    earth    pressure    on    the    international organizations   responsable   for   the   gold   storage   as   COMEX,   supposed   to   manage   the   bullion   for   the   banks,   pension funds and private managers. This   situation   only   does   strengthen   the   responsibility   of   the   USA   in   the   crimes   of   swindle   committed   by   the Federal   Reserve   -   which   then   would   an   Criminal   organization   acting   for   the   United   States   -   so   to   plunder   the countries   of   the   world   in   favor   of   the   Organized   Crime   and   the   eight   families   who   own   the   Federal   Reserve... Al Capone was ultimately an altar boy to compare with successive Presidents who run the USA ! Nicolas SARKOZY trahit son Pays - France In   2004,   when   he   had   just   been   appointed   Minister   of   Finance,   one   of   the   first   actions   of   Nicolas   SARKOZY   has been   to   sell   600   tonnes   of   gold   from   France   while   nothing   required   it.   No   war,   no   money   need   and   no   massive   fiscal crisis   or   financial   crisis.   Worse   for   the   French,   Nicolas   SARKOZY   has   sold   French   gold   when   the   price   was   at   the lowest,   when   the   floor   price   obtained   by   the   sudden   sale   (also),   shortly   before   from   the   English   Minister   for   Finance, which on his side  has threw 400 tons of the English gold in grazing on the markets According   to   an   article   in   the   Parisien   of April   23,   2004,   you   should   know   that   four   months   before   the   sale   of   the   gold, Nicolas   SARKOZY    was   invited   by   Alan   GREENSPAN   the   Fed   chief    and   bagman   of   the   Federal   Reserve   for   17 years.    Were    present    Treasury    Secretary    John    SNOW,    and    finally    the    President    of    the    World    Bank    James WOLFENSOHN..   A   welcome   worthy   of   a   head   of   state   had   been   reserved   for   Nicolas   SARKOZY,   whereas   he   was only   a   small   Minister.   At   his   request,   he   had   even   met   Colin   POWELL   Chief   of   the   US   diplomacy,   and   Condoleezza RICE,   close   adviser   to   the   President   BUSH.   These   requests   were   met   in   30   minutes,   told   a   bit   impressed   a   member of the Embassy of France in Washington, to journalist of Le Parisien who was surprised. The   above   passage   of   Pierre   JOVANOVIC   that   concern   SARKOZY,   challenges   us   how   Nicolas   SARKOZY ,   a   small Minister,   got   in   30   minutes   the   way   to   meet   the   head   of   American   diplomacy    Colin   POWELL   and   the   closest advisor   of   President   BUSH,   Condoleezza   RICE,   whom   become   Secretary   of   State   in   November   2004.   Both   were directly related to the scam FERRAYE royalties as evidenced this link HERE . Remember   that   during   the   US   episode   "Desert   Storm"   in   KUWAIT,   Nicolas   SARKOZY    was      Minister   of   President François   Mitterrand   and   colleague   of   President   Dominique   STRAUSS-KAHN,    who   had   misappropriated   patents. We can say here, that in in cases like this, we see Privileged links which unite ! Swiss citizens betrayed by their politicians On   September   20,   2011,   the   Swiss   National Advisor   of   Luzi   Stamm   (UDC)   found   that   the   Swiss   National   Bank   (SNB) had   deposed   a   part   of   the   Swiss   gold   in   the   coffers   of   the   New   York   Fed.   With   more   than   100,000   signatures   of citizens   for   his   project   "Save   the   gold   for   Switzerland,"   Luzi   STAMM   wanted   to   compel   the   Central   Bank   (SNB)    to   halt its   sales   of   swiss   gold   and   repatriate   all   the   stored   gold   abroad.   He   was   also   a   question   of   reconstructing   gold reserves   to   at   least   20%   of   its   assets... The   text   of   the   initiative   was   as   1'550   tonnes   of   gold   sold   off   since   2001   which had   resulted   in   a   loss   of   over   50   billion   francs.   This   initiative   has   not   passed   the   ramp   of   the   National   Council   and was   rejected.   You   should   know   that   the   majority   of   members   of   the   National   Council   are   Freemasons,   and   that   they obey   to   the   high   dignitaries,   BILDERBERG   and   Consorts   from   the   USA,   mentioned   above.   In   addition   a   majority   of the   National   Council   and   the   Council   of   States   appear   to   have   been   corrupted   in   the   swindle   and   laundering   of   the FERRAYE royalties, according to our database links. CIA   agents   have   therefore   operated   with   an   iron   hand   in   a   velvet   glove   ...   Switzerland   Constitution   forced   the SNB   to   cover   Swiss   franc   gold   reserve,   up   to   40%   of   the   currency   issued.   That's   What   made   Americans   so crazy, facing the gold reserves of Switzerland. The   plan   implemented   by   the   CIA   was   simple.   They   had   to   convince   the   helvetic   politicians   to   join   the International   Monetary   Fund   (IMF),   which,   like   the   devil   in   Faust,   has   opened   its   arms   to   them   with   a thousand   and   one   thing,   but   with   one   so   small   proviso   however,   oh   so   minor   and   insignificant   if   :    “That Switzerland   immediately   abandon   hedge   its   currency   by   40%   gold”.   The   IMF   was   led   from   1987   to   2000   -   when the      royalties   were   swindled    -   by   French   Michel   Camdessus   and   fact,   it   was   not   difficult   to   French   President François   Mitterrand   to   involve   his   compatriot.   It   is   interesting   to   see   the   changes   to   the   IMF   under   Camdessus   reign   : Liberal   convinced,   he   gave   a   particularly   brutal   turn   to   the   IMF    by   imposing   on   the   poorest   countries   or Developing,   different   measures   of   privatization   or   reductions   in   public   spending   on   education   and   health    in exchange   for   loans    to   the   countries   concerned,   what   has   aggravate   the   existing   crises   or   led   these   countries   to unprecedented   crises.   Subsequently,   he   was   loaded   by   global   organizations,   formal   and   informal   advisors   to   the   UN, to   imagine   the   funding   of   the   infrastructure   needed   to   halve   the   number   of   people   without   access   to   water   by   2015. He   will   propose   the   introduction   of   the   private   sector   in   a   majority-owned   sector   -   more   than   90%   -   by   the   public powers,   as   well   as   public-private   partnership.    In   2004,   at   the   request   of   the   then   Minister   of   Economy,   Nicolas Sarkozy,    he    wrote    a    report,    "Camdessus    report,"    entitled    The    surge    towards    new    growth    for    France,    which advocates   inter   alia   the   removal   of   the   thirty   five   hours,   stopping   the   increase   in   the   minimum   wage   (SMIC)   or the   non-replacement   of   staff   on   two,   and   has   inspired   in   part   the   program   of   the   future   presidential   candidate Nicolas SARKOZY  (the calling it even to be his "favorite book"). (extrait wikipedia). Switzerland's   IMF   agreements   were   signed   while   the   Federal   Councillor   Kaspar   VILLIGER   was   Head   of   the Department   of   Finance.   This   is   the   same   Kaspar   VILLIGER   who,   on   behalf   of   the   Swiss   Government,   attended   the grounding   of   SWISSAIR    (immobilized   aircraft   fleet   on   all   tarmac   of   the   world)   and   then   became   Chairman   of   UBS, whose    decision    the    previous    Chairman    Marcel    OSPEL    had    led    to    the    grounding...    Remember    then    that SWISSAIR   became   now   SWISS    and   has   been   offered   to   the   German   LUFTHANSA.   As   traitor   in   the   government of a nation it is difficult to do better. To   obey   the   USA,   the   Swiss   gold   has   been   sold   massively   between   1994   and   1999,   just   when   the   sequestration   of the   funds   from   the   aforementioned   royalties   was   lifted.   That   is   certainly   no   coincidence.   Moreover,   if   we   take   into account   tons   of   gold   stored   in   the   US   for   the   account   of   other   European   countries   under   the   pretext   of   security,   the situation causes a suspicion that is quite justified and leads to questions following : 1 . A that benefited the sale of these tons of gold sold off cheaply by the traitors in place in Governments ? 2 . The   Fed,   which   as   we   have   seen   above   is   made   up   of   12   US   banks   actually   held   by   eight   families,   has   she lent   its   status   so   that   private   Entities   which   hold   the   Fed,   could   swindle   the   gold   of   Europe   to   impoverish   its financial   system   to   the   profit   of   8   families   mostly   Jewish   ?   Prior   to   the   sale   of   gold   stocks,   the   price   of   the national currency was too strong against the dollar. So, after the sales, the dollar found a new strength... 3 . Freemasons     (Bilderberg,    Trilateral    Commission,    CFR,    originated    in    the    USA)    to    whom    belong    the aforementioned   8   families,   who   have   no   national   boundary   and   act   according   to   their   own   constitution,   have they   financed   the   gold   plundering   of   the   European   Countries   by   the   laundering   of   the   swindled   FERRAYE royalties ? 4 . The   granted   thoughtless   loans   by   the   IMF,   the   ECB   and   the   Private   Banks,   then   secured   by   the   CDS,   were they financed by the laundering of the royalties ? Should   this   be   the   case,   then   that   is   not   with   the   EU,   the   IMF   and   the   ECB   that   Greece   should   negotiate   its debt,   but   as   we   are   the   beneficiaries    of   the   swindled   royalties,   we   should   then   negociate   directly   with   the Government   TSIPRAS   and   in   this   case,   there   is   no   doubt   that   we   will   find   very   quickly   a   solution   to   the crisis. Then,    The    European    Union    and    the    United    States    will    be    placed    in    distress,    unable    to    meet    the    financial responsibility   that   will   weigh   on   them   if   we   fail   to   find   suitable   arrangements.   One   certainty   in   this   case,   no   agreement will be found as long as thugs will be the EU's head. In   conclusion,   we   can   only   encourage   the   Greek   people   to   follow   the   initiatives   of   his   Prime   Minister,   to   the way   in   which   he   is   engaged.   It   is   obvious   that   this   is   the   only   way   that   will   leave   a   chance   to   the   Greek population to regain their dignity and rebuild their country. We   invite   all   citizens   of   Europe   and   beyond   to   support   the   considerable   sacrifices   of   the   Greek   people,   to opt   overwhelmingly   for   holidays   in   Greece   with   all   needed   cash   to   support   its   tourism   industry   and   the income from them. May   have   all   Greeks   citizens   the   strength   and   the   selflessness   required   to   overcome   this   ordeal   and   reach back to prosperity.
Greece  The    Greeks    have    shown    their    trust    to    their Prime   Minister   and   have   filed   a   "NO"   in   the ballot box on 5 July 2015. Alexis   TSIPRAS   opens   the   way   towards   a   new political era
The      table      opposite      outlines      the refundable        credits        by        Greece according      to      the      timetable      until 31.12.2015 This    way,    more    than    €    25.5    billion should    be    repaid    before    the    end    of 2015 ... In   the   current   situation   in   Greece,   any sensible    person    will    agree    that    Let believe     that     a     rescue     plan     stays possible is utopian. Only    liars    manipulators    whose    only objective   is   to   serve   private   interests,, which   they   are   associated,   can   betray Public Opinion as they do ! That   is   what   are   the   members   of   the EC,    but    unfortunately    for    them,    the Prime   Minister   Alexis   Tsipras   has   not been taken by their Scheming.
Alexis TSIPRAS The true measure of a Hero

The following information is extracted from the blog : "The International Press Review” Pierre JOVANOVIC

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