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Luxembourg is it a state that put to the background the principles of the rule of law?
If   the   monarch   as   head   of   state,   Henri Albert   Gabriel   Felix   Marie   Guillaume   of   Luxembourg,   is   supposed   to lead   the   Grand   Duché,   the   fact   remains   that   the   former   Prime   Minsiter   Jean-Claude   JUNCKER   assumed the   political   leadership   of   the   State   since   1995,   before   giving   up   on   November   1st,   2014   at   the   new   Prime Minister   Xavier   BETTEL.   Jean-Claude   JUNCKER   then   took   the   Presidency   of   the   European   Union   on November 1st, 2014. According   to   the   revelations   of   LUX   Leak,   the   Grand   Duché   of   Luxembourg   is   the   center   of   a   political   tax evasion   which,   if   it   is   recognized   as   legal,   is   no   less   worthy   of   the   most   petty   strategies   that   can   be performed   against   the   Citizen   interests.   This   clearly   demonstrates   the   values   and   ethics   that   prevail   in   the Grand Duché ! This   filthy   strategy   is   therefore   due   to   the   former   Prime   Minister   of   Luxembourg   Jean-Claude   Juncker   who now    claims    to    chair    the    European    Union    by    making    morality    to    other    European    countries    including Switzerland.    while    he    practiced    for    decades    he    represses    others.    Plunder    tax    revenues    from    other countries has always been his motto, and now he wants us to lecture ? It   should   be   remembered   that   Swiss   citizens   oppose   rightly   for   integration   into   the   European   Union   which removes   any   national   independence   in   favor   of   bureaucracy   -   led   as   seen   by   LUX   leak    revelation   by individuals   without   morals   or   scruples   -   which   removes   any   identity   of   Citizens   of   countries   which   adhere   to it. Luxembourg   has   been   a   hub   for   the   scam   and   laundering   of   FERRAYE   royalties,   both   by   its   banks,   as   by   CLEARSTREAM   (see separate   tab)   which   is   an   international   clearing   house   located   in   Luxembourg   and   owned   since   2002   by   DEUTSCHE   BÖRSE.   This last connection involves therefore also the responsibility of the German Government. As   already   mentioned   on   the   home   page,   let   us   not   be   fooled   and   let   us   not   be   deceived   by   any government, wherever it is! Denunciation   of   money   laundering   or   tax   evasion   is   certainly   a   strategy   put   in   place   by   the   governments   concerned,   to permanently   whiten   scammed   capital   that   are   calculated   in   trillions   of   Euros,   USD   or   CHF,   etc.   These   strategies   allows   the holders   of   defrauded   royalties   (companies   or   legal   persons)   to   becoming   officially   holders   of   the   funds   for   the   hidden (scammed) royalties, subject to a small fine substantial to suggest the good people that "justice" does its job ... It   is   for   this   reason   that   in   none   of   the   cases   reported   in   the   press,   government   ministries   and   other   bodies   of   "justice"   do not seek or rather do not want to investigate the source of funds that they avoid the taxman. These   strategies   show   us   that   governments   alone   are   organizations   that   act   of   the   crime   at   the   expense   of   citizens   and   the financial interests of the Country. As   for   the   EU,   it   is   obvious   that   she   needed   a   president   who   had   a   wide   view   of   the   scam   of   the   royalties   from   patents   and their   laundering.   Let   us   not   forget   that   the   European   Union   was   born   from      MAASTRICHT   TREATY    signed   in   the Netherlands on February 7, 1992, when the royalties from the sale of patents were transit.