France - Government
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Prime Ministers from 1991 to 2007 :
RAFFARIN Jean-Pierre de VILLEPIN Dominique
AUBRY Martine CHARASSE Michel (Budget) COHEN Hubert (Techn.) DELABARRE Michel DOUBIN François (Comm.) DUMAS Roland (AE)
Ministers from 1991 to 1992 except Pemiers-Ministers mentioned above, when the scam Patent (GdS = Attorney)
DURIEUX Bruno (CE) GUIGOU Elisabeth (UE) JOXE Pierre (Déf) KIEJMAN Georges (AE) KOUCHNER Bernard (Hum.) LANG Jack (Comm.)
LALONDE Brice (Environ.) MALLET Henri (GdS) MALVY Martin (Budget) MARCHAND Philippe (Int.) Poperen Jean ROYAL Ségolène (Environ.)
SAPIN Michel (Justice + Fin.) SOISSON Jean-Pierre STRAUSS-KAHN Dominique (INPI + Comm. ext.) TAPIE Bernard VAUZELLE Michel (DdS)
The involvement of successive governments (Left and Right together)
Ministers   from   1993   to   2007   (Period   during   which   the   escroqurie   continued   and   during   which   hundreds   of   billions   from   the   sale   of   systems (French   Trade   Week   of   November   23   to   29,   1991   in   Kuwait   City)   were   sequestered   before   the   sequester   iwas   lifted   by   Swiss   judiciary   therefore corrupted.   Swiss   Prosecutor   Bernard   BERTOSSA   conducted   the   lifting   of   the   receivership   proceeding   in   1995.   Then   began   the   period   of   money laundering that continues yet today.
JUPPÉ Alain (Secr. gén. RPR) leads together with Valéry Giscard d'Estaing the RPR-UDF list for the EU elections
ALLÊGRE Claude (Rech. + Techn.) ALLIOT-Marie Michèle (Défense + GdS) ALPHANDÉRY Edmond (Eco.) ARTHUIS Jean (Eco. + Fin.) AUBRY Martine (Emploi) BARNIER Michel (Envir. + UE) BAYROU François BORLOO Jean-Louis (Emploi) BRETON Thierry (Eco. + Finances) CLÉMENT Pascal (GdS) COPÉ Jean-Fr. (Secr. d’Etat + Budget) CARIGNON Alain (Comm.) CHEVÈNEMENT Jean-P. (Int.) CLÉMENT Pascal (Rel. AN + GdS) DELEVOYE Jean-Paul (Réf. Etat) DEBRÉ Bernard (Coop.) DEBRÉ Jean-Louis (Int.) de VILLEPIN Dominique (AE) DONDOUX Jacques (Com. ext.) DONNEDIEU de VABRES Renaud (UE) DOUSTE-BLAZY Philippe (AE) ESTROSI Christian (Terr.)
FABIUS Laurent (Eco. Fin. Ind.) FILLON François (Rech. Techn.) GUIGOU Elisabeth (GdS) GALLAND Yves (Industrie) GOASGUEN Claude (Réf. Etat) GODFRAIN Jacques (Coop.) HORTEFEUX Brice (Int.) HUWART François (Com. ext.) JUPPÉ Alain (AE) KOUCHNER Bernard (Santé) LAGARDE Christine (Eco. + Finances) LAMASSOURE Alain (UE) LAMBERT Alain (Budget) LANG Jack (Educ.) LEBRANCHU Marylise (GdS) LÉOTARD François (Déf.) LEPAGE Corinne (Envir.) LONGUET Gérard (Industr.) MADELIN Alain (Eco. + Fin.) MÉHAIGNERIE Pierre (GdS) MÉLANCHON Jean-Luc (Ens.) MER Francis (Eco. + Fin.)
MILLON Charles (Défense) MOSCOVICI Pierre (UE) PARLY Florence (Budget) PASQUA Charles (Int.) PERBEN Dominique (GdS) PIERRET Christian (Industrie) QUEYRANNE Jean-Jack (Int.) RAFFARIN Jean-Pierre (Com.) RICHARD Alain (Défense) ROSSI José (Industr.) ROUSSIN Michel (Coop.) ROYAL Ségolène (Ens. Emploi) SAPIN Michel (Réf. Etat) SARKOZY Nicolas (Budget + Int.) SAUTTER Christian (Eco + Fin.) STRAUSS-KAHN Dominique (INPI + Eco. Finances + Ind.) TOUBON Jacques (GdS) VAILLANT Daniel (Int.) VÉDRINE Hubert (AE) VEIL Simone
Ministers of Justice Responsible individually and on behalf of the French Republic.
Ministers    of    Justice    designated    below    have    all endorsed    and    encouraged    organized    crime,    by systematically     rejecting     all     claims     of     Joseph FERRAYE to assert his rights. Worse,      while      the      scam      was      recognized, guarantors    of    law    at    the    highest    level    of    the Republic,    have    tried    to    put    Joseph    FERRAYE under    trusteeship,    to    prevent    its    lawsuits.    The psychiatric    report    of    Dr.    Bertrand    RICONO    in Nice,    at    the    request    of    Judge    Joël    ESPEL    is significant   in   this   point.   Dr.   Bernard   RICONO   was finally   sentenced   January   11,   1995   by   the   College of   Physicians.   But   the   "judges"   have   nevertheless continued   to   use   this   so   called   expertise   against Joseph   FERRAYE   despite   a   new   expert   opinion made    on    November    8,    1999    by    Prof.    Henri AMOROSO,   which   confirmed   the   balanced   nature of    Joseph    FERRAYE.    There    needs    no    other evidence   to   confirm   the   fact   that   members   of   the french     judiciary     are     an     integral     part     of     the organized Crime. By   their   abusive   attitude,   the   magistrates   of   the French   Republic   who   tried   to   cover   up   the   crimes of    their    successive    governments,    left    and    right togoether,       are       the       foundation       of       the responsibility   of   the   French   state   to   Joseph FERRAYE. It   is   a   debt   that   will   amount   to   tens   of   billions of Euros that Joseph FERRAYE
could present to France, if agreements can not be agreed. If   the   French   Government   was   the   initiator   of   the   diversion   of   FERRAYE   patents   and   scam   royalties   paid   for that   one,   it   is   not   less   than   the   swindled   funds   were   channeled   through   banks   from   Switzerland,   from France, but also from other European countries and the USA. I t   is   in   this   context   that   the   judicial   and   political   authorities   of   Switzerland,   France,   Luxembourg,   Germany,   Great Britain, Belgium, Canada, USA, etc. have also lent to the endorsement of this organized crime. Swiss   banking   secrecy   has   been   a   main   advantage   to   cover   illegal   transactions   and   money   laundering   operations with   the   help   of   the   DEA   in   the   US.   Patrick   Dawson   (named   Dave   ROWE,   (Employee   of   the   Administration   of the   United   States),   Head   of   DEA   in   France,    living   in   Gland   VD   in   Switzerland   at   the   time   of   the   scam,   has   been very active to legalize international transfers, so they escape the surveillance authorities of states. For   the   record,   it   must   be   remembered   that   Oliver   SARKOZY   (Pierre-Olivier   really),   brother   of   former   French President   Nicolas   SARKOZY,    was   Managing   Director   of   Credit   Suisse   First   Boston   from   1992   to   2003   (period during   which   royalties   were   defrauded)   before   joining   UBS AG,   (SBG AG   en   German)   whose   former   company   SBG also   contributed   to   the   scam.   SBV-SBG   merger   -   whose   new   name   was   UBS   SA    was   moreover   a   way   to   hide   the evidence   of   billions   swindled   ...During   the   merger,   the   above   SBG   bank   was   part   of   the   merger.   However,   it   has been   dissolved   yet   8   years   later,   which   means   that   during   8   years   SBG   has   been   able   to   operate   illegally without   any   control   !   Today,   Oliver   SARKOZY   is   Managing   Director   &   Head   of   Carlyle   Group   (close   to   the   Bush family) and manages an investment fund hundreds of billions of dollars ... As   the   CEO   of   the   FINMA   (Federal   Body   Control   Swiss   banks)   Mark   BRANSON,    he   worked   for   SBC   Warburg (ex   UBS)   before   joining   the   SBS   headquarters   in   Zurich   He   was   then   CEO   of   UBS   in   Japan   before   Integrate   seat UBS   Zurich   for   risk   control   ...   this   just   to   say   that   with   Mark   BRANSON   to   head   FINMA,   the   Swiss   bankers   can sleep soundly ... This subject is more detailed in the tab "Switzerland" . To    come    back    to    France    ,we    need    to    make    obvious.   The    French    Republic    is    now    under    the    control    of    an unscrupulous,   amoral   and   unethical   Oligarchy,   and   looking   the   list   of   contenders   for   the   next   presidential   election,   it is   clear   that   the   situation   is   not   going   to   change.   Unless   the   sovereign   People   of   France   wakes   up   and   fight   fiercely against these oligarchs that lead the Country to his loss ...
It   was   under   the   presidency   of   François   Mitterrand   and   his   complicity,   patents   filed   by   Joseph   FERRAYE   have been scammed. French Ministers were then :