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French Republic   This    is   a   vocabulary   that   corresponds   to   the   political   or   campaign speeches, but has lost all meaning. Freedom The   definition   according   to   Larousse   is:   Condition   of   a   people that is governed in full sovereignty. What   remains   of   this   sovereignty,   while   the   people   themselves manifest   to   prove   his   suffering,   frustration,   dissatisfaction,   and counting   his   weariness   to   his   Government   and   that   it   feigned   to hear and continued his abuse.
Équality No discrimination between human beings, in terms of their rights. Political, civil and social equality. A   state   in   which   the   law   is   applied   according   to   the   social   status   of   the   Citizen,   in   which   the   judiciary   violates   the principles   of   law   and   its   application,   in   which   the   poorest   citizens   become   instruments   leaders   to   loot   public   money, this   state   whose   privileges   are   restricted   to   the   ruling   class,   is   against   democracy.   It   is   an   oligarchy   or   in   more   serious cases a dictatorship. Fraternity Bond   of   solidarity   that   should   unite   all   members   of   the   human   family. A   link   between   persons   who   participate in the same ideal. Fraternity   in   a   Oligarchy   as   became   France,   does   not   exist   !   When   the   power   (left   and   right   confused)   sacrifices middle   and   poor   classes,   to   allow   relatives   of   the   Government   and   the   captains   of   the   economy   who   finance   their elections,   to   access   without   sharing   any   privileges   and   any   income   in   the   economy,   to   selfishly   enrich   themselves   at the   expense   of   purchasing   power   of   the   people,   such   a   power   (Government   and   Parliament)   must   be   put   out   of harm’s way. Reflections The   French   Constitution   of   4   October   1958   decreed   its   commitment   to   the   principles   of   human   rights   and   the principles   of   national   sovereignty. The   desire   to   have   new   institutions   founded   on   the   common   ideal   of   liberty,   equality and fraternity, designed for their democratic evolution. What   citizen   living   in   France   who   are   not   part   of   the   oligarchy   in   place   or   which   is   not   part   of   the   privileged   class,   can make   the   connection   between   the   living   context   in   which   he   is   living   because   of   the   actions   of   his   government   and rights guaranteed to citizens by the Constitution ? Leaders   of   states   as   seen   more   in   the   tab   "state   without   law"   have   no   more   any   ethics,   no   morals,   no   respect   for   the citizen.   Their   speeches   are   lies   and   deceptions.   When   Leaders   of   states   are   able   to   divert   citizen   profits,   royalties   of patents   for   which   they   are   responsible,   when   they   are   able   to   violate   the   right   to   intellectual   property   protection,   for their own profit, those members of governments must be brought to Justice ! When   this   "justice"   endorses   and   participates   in   the   crime   denounced,   then   there   is   machination   and   in   the   case   of royalties FERRAYE, we must say that it is an organized gang fraud. The   hearing   of   November   19,   2002    by   Mr.   Eric   DE   LA   HAYE--ST-HILAIRE,   parisian   Notary   serving   the   French Government,   is   indicative   of   the   absence   of   the   rule   of   law   in   France.   He   refers   to   LE   MAZOU,   lawyer   specialized   in the   field   of   intellectual   property.   He   notes   on   page   2,   he   refused   to   orchestrate   acts   in   France,   because   of   the     involvement   of   the   French   Petroleum   Institute,   “possible”   responsible   of   embezzlement   of   royalties   whose   Joseph FERRAYE   was   the   victim.   It   is   the   reason   that   Mr.   DE   LA   HAYE--ST-HILAIRE   had   solicited   the   collaboration   of   Pierre MOTTU,    Notary    in    Geneva.    Parisian    notary    further    confirms    the    existence    of    accounts    referenced    to    "other" protagonists   of   this   case   and   that   a   criminal   Procédure   was   opened   in   France   against   former   partners   of   Joseph FERRAYE. Where   it   gets   interesting   is   that   Mr.   DE   LA   HAYE--ST-HILAIRE   and   Me   LE   MAZOU   reflected   in   a   legal   elaborate scheme,   namely   a   act   of   cession   of   rights   contentious    of   Mr.   FERRAYE   to   a   third   entity   called   Wildrose   (WR   ) which   had   the   function   to   liaise   with   the   former   partners   of   Mr.   FERRAYE   to   find   a   compromise.   In   this   scheme   the patent   holder   would   receive   a   percentage   of   the   amounts   recovered   by   WR   and   in   return   the   legal   proceedings engaged by complaint of Joseph FERREYE in the south of France had to be classified. Finally,   in   a   second   phase,   this   time   in   the   absence   of   Mr.   FERRAYE,   Mr.   Eric   DE   LA   HAYE-ST-HILAIRE   confirms that   he   and   Pierre   MOTTU   had   accounts   statements   they   had   submitted   to   the   partners   and   agents   of   Joseph FERRAYE   who   had   defrauded   the   royalties.   ST-HILAIRE   said   that   during   the   transactions,   the   amounts   (it   was   tens of   billions   of   dollars)   remained   frozen   in   accounts   "whether   by   MOTTU   or   whether   by   lawyer   BRUPPACHER   in   Zurich correspondent of LE MAZOU”. To   finish   with   Me   Eric   DE   LA   HAYE-ST-HILAIRE,   you   should   know   that   at   the   hearing   of   June   25,   2007   (Trial   MOTTU <>   BURDET   for   slander),   Mr.   ST-HILAIRE   testified   that   he   had   seen   copies   of   statements   of   accounts   of   100   billion dollars   royalties   from   KUWAIT.   (These   100   billion   did   not   involve   the   sale   of   systems   at   the   French   Trade   Week   of November 23 to 29, 1991 in Kuwait City. Denatured States The   aforementioned   hearing   of   notar   Eric   DE   LA   HAYE--ST-HILAIRE   shows   us   both   that   the   royalties   had   indeed been   sequestered   and   they   were   on   the   accounts   of   Notary   Pierre   MOTTU   and   lawyer   Mark   C.   BRUPPACHER   in Zurich.   associate   of   LE   MAZOU.   The   hearing   also   shows   us   that   the   French   "justice"   had   good   control   on   the partners   and   agents   of   Joseph   FERRAYE   who   had   defrauded   the   royalties,   since   proceedings   were   open   in   the south of France. So   how   in   a   State   of   the   law,   can   we   set   up   a   "elaborated   scheme"   to   "to   dispose   of   rights   contentious"   for those   who   had   defrauded   a   citizen   ?   Does   not   the   law   foresee   that   the   author   of   a   fraud   must   be   condemned and the booty recovered shall be returned to its owner ? This   shows   us   clearly   and   with   certainty,   that   if   Mr.   Eric   DE   LA   HAYE-ST-HILAIRE   was   Notary   of   the   French Government,   He   wanted   to   find   a   "more   elaborate   scheme"   to   subtract   the   CROOKS   in   prosecution   knowing   that   the political   environment   was   watered   copiously   in   this   scam.   Daniel   LEVAVASSEUR   member   of   the   RPR   and   former agent   of   the   DST   who   had   found   accounts   on   which   royalties   were   transfered,   had   told   Joseph   FERRAYE   that   his intention   was   to   resolve   the   problem   without   the   politicians   are   affected.   You   should   know   that   after   the   sale   of systems to all oil producing countries, the royalties were calculated in trillions of dollars (at the time). Place to the VI e  Républic On   October   18,   2006,   Joseph   FERRAYE   filed   a   criminal   complaint   with   the   Tribunal   de   Grande   Instance   of Nanterre,   complaint   registered   under   number   N   06   291   0047   with   stamp   of   prosecutor   of   the   Republic... Nearly   10   years   after   the   filing   of   the   complaint   which   included   a   memory   of   200   pages    and   177   evidence   of the   crimes   committed,   no   action   has   ever   been   given.   The   responsibility   of   France   in   this   procedure,   is calculated in tens of billions of Euros! Confidence   in   the   French   political   authorities   can   never   be   restored.   The   proof   is   given   that   the   French authorities   -   Left   and   Right   together   -   are   able   to   defraud   and   appropriating   the   property   of   others,   on   which they   have   no   right,   to   their   personal   interests.   One   must   then   ask   the   question   of   what   they   will   do   with   the retirement   assets   they   control,   with   contributions   to   the   health,   with   saving   money   on   bank   accounts,   usw., knowing   that   the   banks   were   financial   instruments   that   allowed   this   fraud,   cautioned   by   the   State.   It   is   the banks   that   manage   these   huge   capitals   that   allowed   holders   who   have   cheated,   to   take   control   of   the economy. No   Law   in   the   current   legislation   does   refer   to   fraud   or   crimes   made   by   the   Magistrates   or   other   holders   of the   Judiciary   and   how   they   would   be   condamned.   That   is   maybe   why   they   can   continue   their   crimes   with total impunity. When   he   has   the   power   to   condemn   crimes,   whoever   practices   crimes   should   be   pursued   subject   sentence 10   times   more   the   average   citizen.   New   legal   bases   must   be   in   place,   because   the   Constitution   did   not provide   for   such   villainys.   It   is   sure   that   at   the   time   of   General   DE   GAULLE,   such   contempt   of   the   people   was unthinkable. It's time to make room for the VI e  Republic