Swindle of Patents
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Swindle of Joseph FERRAYE's patents - Backdated agreement
                 André STREBEL (see Luxembourg / Clesrstream tab) had entrusted to Joseph FERRAYE in an interview                   Oct.   17,   2003,   he   (JF)   had   been   ousted   of   the   negotiations   and   the   trip   to   Kuwait   because   the   governments   of   the coalition   decided   to   increase   by   2.6   the   costs   of   extinctions      over   the   offer   filed   bay   Joseph   FERRAYE   through CONIRA which he was President. On   August   2nd,   1991,   Christian   Basano   Partner   of   Joseph   FERRAYE,   communicated   to   the   Inventor   from   KUWAIT, that   the   new   President   of   the   INPI    Jean-Claude   Bourdon   (following   the   decree   Rocard) ,   was   also   in   Kuwait and   had   presented   FERRAYÉ   systems.    Then   Basano   asked   FERRAYE   to   sign   an   assignment   of   his   rights   to   the systems   on   behalf   of   CONIRA ,   so   that   they   can   assert   FERRAYE   of   prior   rights   on   those   systems.   This   was   a diabolical   plan   -   related   to   the   backdated   agreement   -   established   by   TILLIE   and   COLONNA   acting   under   the aegis of the DGSE (French secret service) and the French government of the time. In   his   statements,   Christian   BASANO   -   Joseph   FERRAYE   associate   -      alongside   TILLIÉ   and   COLONNA ,    informed Inventor    they    would    appoint    COLONNA    as    President    of    CONIRA    to    sign    agreements    with    Kuwait.    Joseph FERRAYE which held the majority of shares with her niece, did not have a say ... The   letter   from   AL   BADER   Trading   Co    of   August   5,   1991   to   the   Kuwaiti   Oil   Minister   Hmoud   AL   RAQBAH,   also confirms   that   the   offer   was   officially   presented   by   CONIRA,   so   by   the   partners   of   FERRAYE,   on   Saturday, August   3, 1991 and this after successful trials the application of the blocking system. On   their   return   from   Kuwait   on August   13,   1991,   BASANA, TILLIE,   and   COLONNA,   told   to   FERRAYE,   the   oil   Minister Hmoud   AL   RAQBAH,   would   send   them   the   contract   within   the   next   15   days,   and   then   they   disappeared   from   the Maritime Alps.   From   September   to   November   1991,   to   destabilize   Joseph   FERRAYE   and   to   gain   time,   they   handled Inventor by, about opposites and made the following false successive statements: Fortunately,   we   have   friends   (he   was   General   Mohamed AL   BADER   and   his   brother Youssef   Hamad   and   Issam AL   SAGER)   in   KUWAIT,   which   monitor   extinctions.   These   friends   will   send   us   the   evidence   of   the   use   of systems We have lost a battle, not the war (October 1991) We lost the war and we have to accept defeat (November 1991) Etc. Click the image to then start the slideshow Since   August   15,   1991,   after   their   return   from   Kuwait,   Joseph   FERRAYE   associates   entrenched   themselves   for   1 month   in   Corsica    in   the   property   of   François   COLONNA . They   forbade   any   contact   with   them. They   insulted   Joseph FERRAYE   unceremoniously   to   impress   him,   to   move   him   away   and   try   to   discourage   him   from   coming   to   BASANO office to get the information to which he was entitled after their trip to Kuwait. According   to   Daniel   LEVAVASSEUR,   Secretaries   of   BASANO, Arlette   FOLCO,   62   c.   Val   Fleuri   in   Cagnes   sur   Mer   and Marie-Rose   SAHAKIAN,   2   Sevan   street   in   Nice,   each   had   more   than   $   100   million   to   their   names   on   the   found accounts. Backdated agreement for ARAMCO Crude Oil - PBE Oil - Paul Marc COLNE The   agreement   was   signed   on   July   26,   1991 ,   French   TRANSLATION   HERE,    carries   a   validity   date   as   of   April   30, 1990    (art.   8)   and   was   legalized   by Adel   Mussad AL-KHARAFI.on   25.09.1989 .   It   also   has   the   stamp   of   15.11.1991   of the   Chamber   of   Commerce,   also   legalized   by   AL   KHARAFI.   through   a   company   that   had   ceased   trading   on   April   7, 1989   according   KBIS   extract.   It   was   the   PBE   Oil   Company   (Petrol   Oil   Energy   Brokers)   chaired   by   Paul   Marc COLNE  which was only a figurehead and was found dead in his cell in the prison of Nice in December 1997. FERRAYE   Associates    and    agents    allied    themselves    on    July    29,    1991,    in    this    agreement    2    years    backdated, concluded   by   P.   B.   E.   Oil,   for   the   sale   of   the   blocking   system   "BLOCKING   ROBOT   FOR   HIGH   PRESSURE   OIL WELL", to ARAMCO . According   Aurélien   Garcia,   representative   of   Edith   Cresson,   Horwell   was   formed   equally   by   the   IFP,   ELF   and FORASOL   for   the   wells   extinction   in   Kuwait.   Jean-Claude   Bourdon   who   was   director   of   the   French   Petroleum Institute (IFP) has been appointed President of Horwell (a subsidiary of IFP). The   agreement   was   signed   on   July   29,   1991   and   was   backdated   in   the   version   of   30   April   1990.   What   is   very strange   is   that   it   was    also   backdated   to   July   27,   1989   by   state   authorities   of   Kuwait   which   are   thus   direct accomplices   of   the   organized   Crime   ...   How   is   it   possible   that   this   agreement   was   established   in   1990   and   legalized    nine    months    before    his    business ?    That    prove    all    aspects    of    the    conspiracy    planned,    and    the involvement   of   the   KUWAITI   Government   ...   The   anticipation   of   this   agreement   had,   as   its   sole   purpose,   to constitute a false anteriority to the dates of the priorities of the blocking system. The   agreement   states   that:   "Article   8   -   The   contract   is   valid   for   a   period   of   3   years   with   effect   from   April   30,   1990   renewable   by   letter,   unless   terminated   by   either   party   by   registered   letter   six   months   before   the   expiration   of   his   term. (Note   FERRAYE   :   In   1990   BASANO   and   TILLIE   did   not   know   Mustapha AL ADASANI   and   He   do   not   know   them either,   or   they   all   togoether   appear   in   the   agreement   ...   In   addition,   wells   in   Kuwait   were   exploded   and   burned on February 20, 1991 ...). The   above   agreement   was   legalized   by   Mr      R.PRATT   attached   to   the   Embassy   of   France   in   Kuwait   on   November 15,1991,   10   days   after   the   end   of   the   wells   extinctions.   You   should   know   that   the   last   well   exploded   had   been mastered   on   November   5,   1991,   and   that   systems   were   exposed   from   23   to   29   November   1991   in   the   "FRENCH TRADE   WEEK"   in   KUWAIT   CITY   where   they   were   sold   as   strategic   processes   in   all   other   oil   producing   countries   in the world ... So   this   is   France,   the   country   in   which   patents   were   filed   seven   months   before   and   had   custody   and responsibility, which helped legalize the sale of blocking systems, without the knowledge of FERRAYE. During   the   period   of   wells   extinction   in   Kuwait,   the   Kuwaiti   government   assumed   responsibility   of   the   systems diversion,   but   when   it   came,   after   November   15,   1991   to   sell   the   system   to   other   oil   countries,   KUWAIT   wanted   to postpone   the   responsibility   for   the   misuse   of   patents   on   the   French   Government.   This   is   the   reason   that   justified   the "backdated"   not   committed   KUWAIT   and   legalized   by   France,   dated   15.11.1991.   (Note   that   KUWAIT   does   not recognize intellectual property). Not   only   the   French   government   protagonists   of   this   plot   violated   FERRAYE   rights,   but   they   are   still   allowed   to promote   his   system   at   a   fair   specializing   in   the   context   during   the   FRENCH   TRADE   WEEK   in   KUWAIT   CITY,   from November   23   to   29,   1991.   And   this   to   the   benefit   of   ARAMCO,   a   foreign   company   to   France   !   So   can   we   sure   that French   interests   were   thus   passed   through   ARAMCO.   According   BASANO,   systems   were   also   presented   in   a   similar fair in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The   imbecility   of   3   associates   of   Joseph   FERRAYE   is   limitless   !   While   they   appear   as   shareholders   in   the agreement    mentioned   above,   in   their   letter   from   August   10.   1991 ,    they   are   trying   to   whitewash   each   other (themselves,   the   Prime   Minister   Edith   Cresson   and   Ambassador   R.   PRATT)   by   staging   at   several   points   which confirms the involvement of Cresson and the French Government ...They say : We   have   created   a   company   to   effectively   intervene   in   the   EXTINCTION   and   CONTROLLED   CLOSURE   of burning oil wells. They   mention   in   their   letter   that   the   Company   CONIRA   developed   systems   for   12   years...   ( evidence   to   the contrary is formal ) They   remain   in   Kuwait   as   a   result   of   friendships   for   20   years   (in   May   1991   they   did   not   know   their   new friends...). Their offer was rejected and they have not had the support of the Government. The ambassador BRESSOT would have negotiated systems with companies FORASOL and HOREWEL There   is,   however   in   this   backdated   agreement,   that   Mustapha   AL   ADASANI   (friend   of   the   Group   B )   is   among   the shareholders   alongside   partners   from   Group A ,   TILLIE   -   BASANO   -   COLONNA,   which   proves   the   rallying   of   the   two groups. Mustapha AL ADASANI   is   as   said   above,   a   close   friend   of   the   3   representatives   of   FERRAYE   ( Group   B    -   GEBRAN, HOBEICH   and   REBOURS)   who   had   defrauded   the   extinguishing   system   and   were   not,   however,   expected   to collaborate with the Group A  - BASANO, COLONNA and TILLIE. Ms.   Naguy   BRESSOT,   wife   of   Jean   BRESSOT, Ambassador   of   France   at   the   time   of   the   facts   in   Kuwait,   said   that following   a   dispute   between   the   Ministers   STRAUSS   KAHN    and   CRESSON,    François   Mitterrand,   then   President of   France,   decided   to   join   the   two   groups   so   that   there   is   no   leaks   and   they   control   the   scam   of   both   systems. Ms.   BRESSOT   also   revealed   that   Ministers   JOXE   ,   DUMAS,   etc.,   met   regularly   at   her   home,   with   her   and   her husband about extinctions in Kuwait. This   is   certainly   from   this   situation   that   the   Geneva   Notary   Pierre   MOTTU    then   designed   in   his   "organization chart"   the   groups A   and   B   for   the   establishment   of   agreements   for   the   cession   of   litigious   rights.    (See   History / Conventions tab.) The   authenticity   of   the   backdated   Agreement   is   in   addition   clearly   demonstrated   by   various   details.   At   that   time,   on July   30,   1991   and   not   1989 ,   disorder   reigned   in   Kuwait   because   of   the   war.   TILLIE   and   BASANO   revealed   that   they were forced to get out of the cellar, old manual typewriters because of the circumstances caused by the war. The   backdated   agreement   is   written   in   English   and   includes   very   serious   editorial   mistakes   specific   to   TILLIÉ. Particularly   noted   at   the   end   of   Art.   6,   the   name   of   AMRA CO   CRUDE   OIL   SALES   instead   of   ARAM CO.   This   slip   of the   tongue   was   committed   repeatedly   by   TILLIE   and   demonstrates   that   he   is   the   editor.   He   always   spoke   of AMRA CO, including in the hearing of November 28, 1996. On   the   other   hand,   if   the   document   had   been   established   in   1989,   he   was   drafted   by   the   secretariat   of   the   Embassy or the Ministry of Oil in perfect English.