Censored information
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The show “Sans aucun Doute - Without a Doubt" censored by order of Anne Sinclair who producing 7/7 on TF1
Anne   Sinclair   was   then   the   wife   of   Dominique   Strauss-Kahn    Minister   of   the   INPI   (National   Institute   of   Industrial Protection). INPI   had   registered   patents   filed   by   Joseph   FERRAYE   since April   1991.   It   is   therefore   the   responsibility   of   Dominique   Strauss- Kahn   that   patents   were   released   by   order   of   the   members   of   the   French   Government,   which   are   then   allocated   the   proceeds   of the scam royalties.
Emission censored “Sans aucun Doute”
interview with Joseph FERRAYÉ