France - Présidential 2017
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Présidential 2017
French    have    they    not    understood    that    their    politicians,    who    come    to    every presidential   election   since   twenty   years,   are   ultimately   only   individuals   who   have bathed   in   the   scam   and   money   laundering   since   the   scam   of   of   the   royalties   of patents FERRAYE, registered by the INPI, after the war in Kuwait in 1991 ? French   must   understand   that   these   politicians   seek   power   for   the   sole   purpose   of having   the   means   to   preserve   the   heritage   they   have   swindled.   Confused   left   and right, they must all be ousted. If French want to save the Republic the new President should never have held a post of Minister and by its function, participated in the fraud and money laundering of royalties of Joseph FERRAYE ! Remember the statements made by the famous Parisian lawyer Gilbert COLLARD in the show "Without Doubt" on TF1, in connection with the reportage on fraud of royalties of Joseph FERRAYE (Tab Video) : "The biggest scam of the century, unbelievable scam, colossal stake; we do not play with funny, we play with real killers,  men ready for anything on the grounds that a state has interests that are connected by other states"... Click the portrait
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