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I'm not Charlie I think, therefore I am and I do not want to be Instrumented ! Let us ask the right questions
T h e F r e e d o m   o f E x p r e s s i o n “I am Charlie = I am Israël”. The Palindrome  of " I am Charlie " would mean in Hebrew " I am Israel " Then   let   us   ask   ourselves   the   question   of   knowledge   to   whom   has   really benefited these attacks : The   Muslim   Community   ?   certainly   not   !   It   has   instead   been   stigmatized   without   being responsible The Christian Community ? It was wounded in his Flesh The   Jewish   Community   ?   It   is   now   scared,   but   in   contrast   his   Government   found   there   a new   opportunity   to   condemn   his   sworn   enemies   and   the   way   to   make   migrate   the   Jews of Israel to their country. The   French   government   is   undoubtedly   the   big   winner   of   the   attacks.   The   French Government   is   undoubtedly   the   big   winner   in   these   attacks(attempts).   the   popularity   of François   Hollande   which   was   at   the   lowest   has   doubled.   PM   Manuel   VALLS   sees granting   all   the   necessary   budgets   to   increase   the   security   and   put   a   little   more   still   the Citizens   under   control,   because   make   no   mistake,   these   new   laws   that   will   be   introduced,   were   not   only   be   useful   against   terrorism.   It   is the   control   of   the   "Freedom   of   expression"    against   all   citizens   residing   in   France,    that   the   "leaders"    in   power   want   to   introduce today ... They want to lock their power ! Two   other   subjects   also   lead   to   reflection.   While   the G8,   G20,   the   Davos   Forum,   etc   require   months   of preparation    to    ensure    the    safety    of    participants, how   in   just   three   days,   including   the   day   of   the attack,   the   safety   for   the   coming   of   50   Heads   of States   was   able   to   be   organized   and   assured   ? That was materially not possible ! What   were   then   the   sources   that   led   the   two young terrorists to this massacre ? And   then   all   these   heads   of   statey,   have   they   no agenda   and   have   they   waited   quietly   at   their   desks   that   an   attack   occurs   on   the   Planet   to   run   on   the   spot   to   testify   their   support   to   their concerned "counterpart" ? The   WORLDCORRUPTION.INFO   site   demonstrates   that   we   can   not   trust   the   Government   of   France.   Most   of   the   Ministers   as   example Laurent   FABIUS   (or   tab   France/Presidential   2017)   were   or   are   still   active   in   the   swindle   and   laundering   of   royalties   on   patents   of   Joseph FERRAYE and as says Lawyer Gilbert COLLARD in the show "Without a doubt" ( see vidéo )  : "The biggest scam of the century, unbelievable scam, colossal stake; we do not play with funny, we play with real killers,  men ready for anything on the grounds that a state has interests that are connected by other states"... “I   am   Charlie”   the   slogan   would   have   been   created   by   39-year-old   Joachim   RONCIN,   journalist   and   art   director   for   the   magazine Stylist.   Apparently   sincere   in   his   initiative   He   declared:   "   it   is   just   a   symbol,   a   slogan   of   a   popular   movement,   that's   all.   It   was   only   in   order   to honor   the   victims   of   the   tragedy.   His   slogan,   short,   understandable   and   effective,   became   the   symbol   of   the   refusal   of   the   terrorism   and   the defense of the freedom of expression, and spread in France and all over the world like wildfire. However,   the   magazine   "   STYLIST   "   due   to   its   capitalization   can   arouse   suspicions   which   are   not   trivial.   It   is   a   part   of   a   financial   network     involved at numerous levels in the laundering of royalties of patents FERRAYÉ “I am Charlie = I am Israël”. The Palindrome   of " I am Charlie " would mean in Hebrew " I am Israel " If   one   is   aware   of   the   power   of   the   subliminal   images    and   of   the   effect   of   this   slogan   in   favour   of   Israel   which   is   managed   by   Benjamin NETANYAHOU,   a   man   today   who   should   be   pursued   for   war   crimes,   then,   tens   of   millions   people   have   perhaps   joined      propaganda   that   they did not want. Some comments found on the social networks  close to Israel make cold in the back... It   was   necessary   an   attack   so   that   France   has   the   opportunity   to   carry   out   the   hardening   of   its   security   service   and   for   this   reason   it   was necessary that the people are indignant and that the media blow on embers. Dominique   STRAUSS-KAHN    Minister   of   the   INPI   has   swindle   Joseph   FERRAYE.   He   has   revealed   the   patents   to   swindle   the   royalties.   He   was then   Chairman   of   the   IMF   (International   Monetary   Fund)   that   he   left   after   r ape   charges.   Christine   LAGARDE    former   French   Minister   of Economy,   Finance,   Industry   and   Employment   in   the   Government   of   François   Fillon   during   the   scam   of   royalties   succeeded   Dominique   Strauss- Kahn   at   the   IMF   that   is   certainly,   like   the   ECB,   the   best   international   organization   for   money   laundering,   with   the   bail   of   States.   In   addition, Christine   Lagarde   was   also   invited   to   a   meeting   of   the   CFR    (Council   on   Foreign   Relations)    lon   October   22,   2007   to   promote   French   interests. Portraits of Ministers can be found under the  “Présidential 2017” . It   is   with   the   support   and   on   recommendation   of   the   CFR    (Council   on   Foreign   Relations)   that   Christine   LAGARDE   was   elected   at   the Management of the FMI and it is not a secrecy for anybody, that these two organizations are under financial control Jewish. David   Rockefeller   member   of   the   CFR    (Council   on   Foreign   Relations)   said   :   “We   are   on   the   verge   of   a   global   transformation. All   we   need is the right major crisis  and the nation will accept the New World Order ”. Other   famous   quotes   significant   of   the   degenerate   representatives   who   control   the   finance   are   accessible   on   this   link.    However,   given   the theme   of   this   page,   appreciate   this   quote   of   the   Journalist   of   the   New   York   Times   John   SWAITON   which   describes   so   much   well   the absence of any ethics, morals and deontology of our journalists : The free press does not exist ! You   know   it   and   I   know   it.   There   is   not   one   of   you   who   dare   write   your   honest   opinions,   and   if   you   did,   you   know before   hand   that   it   would   never   appear   in   print.   The   business   of   the   journalist   is   to   destroy   the   truth,   to   lie   outright,   to pervert,   to   vilify,   fawn   at   the   feet   of   Mammon,   and   to   sell   his   country   and   his   race   for   his   daily   bread. You   know   it   and   I know   it,   and   what   folly   is   this   toasting   of   an   independent   press   ?   We   are   the   tools   and   vassals   of   rich   men   behind   the scenes.   We   are   the   jumping   jacks.   They   pull   the   strings   and   we   dance.   Our   talents,   our   possibilities   and   our   lives   are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes." All Charlies have they the same rights of expression in France ? Read the detailed record on this link.
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