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Hongkong   and   Shanghai   Banking   Corporation   (HSBC)    had   its   headquarters in   Hong   Kong   until   1993   when   he   was   transferred   to   London.   HSBC's   expansion began in earnest in 1992 with the swindle of royalties on the patents of FERRAYÉ Royalties    on    the    sale    of    patent    of    Joseph    FERRAYE    for    extinguishing    and blocking   oil   wells   were   conducted   mainly   during   the   "French   Trade   Week"   which has   been   organized   from   23   to   29   September   1991   in   Kuwait   City.   It   was   after   the extinction   of   the   last   well   after   the   "Desert   Storm"   operation.   There   was   talk   about more   than   USD   2,000   to   3,000   billion   at   the   time.   The   "History"   tab,   details   this period.   The   systems   were   also   presented   at   the   "Summit   on   Environment   and Development, that was held from 3 to 14 June 1992 in Rio de Janeiro. At   first   in   1991   and   1992,   royalties   were   defrauded   by   partners   and   associates   of   Joseph   FERRAYE,   thanks   to the   complicity   of   the   French   government   members   and   the   governmental   companies   such   as   ELF,   FINA, TOTAL,   FORASOL,    etc.   Let   us   remind   that   it   is   the   Minister   of   the   INPI   Dominique   Strauss-Kahn   who   unveiled patents, unbeknownst to Joseph FERRAYE. Dozens   of   banks   on   all   continents   contributed   to      swindle   the   funds,   but   we   will   see   below   than   in   connection with HSBC. Connections with the largest private banks in Switzerland will appear on the listings. Edmond SAFRA   (close friend of lawyer Marc BONNANT) founder of the following banks : RNB Republic National Bank of New York (Suisse) SA à Zürich  registered on February, 1st 1988 and removed on August, 22. 2006, under Nr RC CH-020.9.900.967-3. RNB Republic National Bank of New York (Suisse) SA à Genève  registered on August, 3.1989 and removed on April, 12. 2002, under Nr  RC CH-660.0.102.988-2. RNB Republic National Bank of New York (Suisse) SA à Lugano  registered on February, 26. 1988 and removed on Mai, 23. 2001, under Nr RC CH-514.9.009.030-0. Safra SA à Genève registered on December, 17. 1984 and removed on December, 8. 2004 under Nr RC CH-660.0.768.984-2. After   the   sale   of   the   banks   “RNB”   mentioned   above   to   HSBC,   Edmond   SAFRA   went   to   settle   in MONACO where he was murdered Dec. 3, 1999. On   December   29th   1999,   three   weeks   after   the   assassination   of   Edmond   Safra,   HSBC   took   over   the   Royal Bank   of   New   York   Corp   and   the   Safra   Republic   Holdings   SA for the price of USD 9.85 billion - 1999 value. The   American    male    nurse    Ted    Maher    was    convicted    and sentenced   for   the   assassination   of   Edmond   Safra   and   to   have been   the   author   of   the   fire.   It   was   only   a   staging   towards Public    Opinion.    In    reality,    the    body    of    Edmond    Safra    was found   with   torn   testicles   put   in   the   mouth,   which   seemed   to   be the   signature   of   the   Russian   Mafia.   Of   the   not   identified   male DNA was besides found under the nails of SAFRA. According   to   a   witness,   after   the   death   of   Edmond   Safra,   his daughter   called   the   governess   of   his   children,   to   take   care   of them   while   the   family   was   discussing   the   drama   in   the   next room.   It   was   on   this   occasion   that   the   housekeeper   has   heard that    the    body    of    SAFRA    had    been    found    according    the description   above.   Apparently,   gunmen   blew   a   hatch   in   the roof    and    had    entered    in    less    than    two    minutes    into    the apartment.   According   to   another   witness   who   had   some   time previously   visited   the   villa   SAFRA,   40   special   agents   of   the MOSSAD watched constantly over the safety of the banker. It   is   turned   out   that   SAFRA   sold   weapons   to   Chechen   separatists,   likely   on   behalf   of   Israel   and   the   US.   After the   collapse   of   the   Soviet   Union   this   two   Countries   had   an   interest   in   diverting   unbridled   aggression   of Russians in  conflicts to Caucasus Yet   the   RTS   (French   Swiss   Television)   which   covered   the   trial   in   MONACO,   reported   the   following   facts truncated   "the   3.12.1999   around   4:45   am,   Ted   Maher,   male   nurse   employed   by   Edmond   SAFRA   since   few months,   gave   himself   several   stab   wounds   to   make   believe   at   the   eruption   in   the   apartment   of   two   armed   and hooded   aggressors   […]   It   is   only   about   at   7:45   am,   three   hours   after   the   beginning   of   the   facts,   that   the   help reached   up   to   the   room   where   they   found   Edmond   SAFRA   and   his   nurse,   Viviane   TORRENTE,   deaths suffocated by the smoke”. Contradiction: according to the policeman Olivier JUDE, Viviane TORRENTE was found strangled… Edmond   Safra   was   suffering   from   Parkinson's   disease   and   depended   on   his   male   nurse   to   move. At   the   time   of the   procedure   to   Monaco,   lawyer   Marc   BONNANT   has   ensured   the   defense   of   SAFRA.   Before   their hearing   the   witnesses,   maids   and   housekeeping   staff   were   prepared   for   questions   that   would   be   asked   and each one had received replies he had to give. Witnesses may confirm the above Marc   BONNANT   has   mounted   this   whole   scenario   to   cover   his   conspiracy   and   cover   up   the   fact   that   he   used the network of private bankers and network BIN LADEN to divert funds from royalties. The   signing   of   the   Chechens   in   the   killing   of   Edmond   SAFRA   demonstrates   the   will   of   BIN   LADEN   with   the   help of the Chechens, to take revenge against those who had used its banking networks. As   noted   above,   Marc   BONNANT   was   a   close   friend   of   Edmond   Safra.   But   it   is   very   likely   according   to   the bank   investigations,   that   Marc   BONNANT   has   been   aware   of   the   involvement   of   his   friend   in   the   diversions operated   since   1991   by   the   MOSSAD,   ELF   and   MOTTU   and   others   -   who   have   addressed   to   the   Republic National Bank of New York to channel funds swindled - only after the sequester obtained in 1996. Recall   that   following   the   sequester   of   January   1996   obtained   by   Daniel   LEVAVASSEUR,   former   DGSE   agent   in the   service   of   Joseph   FERRAYE   -   on   complaint   of   the   Inventor,   written   by   Marc   BONNANT   and   his   partner Dominique   WARLUZEL   -   that   the   two   lawyers   above   were   then   corrupted   and   thereby   that   Marc   BONNANT had   declared   that   it   was   absolutely   necessary   that   Joseph   FERRAYE   do   not   receive   a   dollar,   because   he   would use it to make them all to go to jail ... The    Presidents    George    W.    BUSH    and    Bill    CLINTON    and    members    of    the    Western governments,    led    by    France,    have    set    fire    to    the    powder    and    ignited    the    Islamists Populations   to   cover   their   crimes   ...   For   the   USA   and   Barack   Obama,   the   only   way   to restore the situation is to admit the truth and prosecute those responsible. Financial network of Osama BIN LADEN to launder FERRAYE's royalties Successive   attacks   of   Osama   BIN   LADEN   against   HSBC    prove   the   involvement   of   the   bank   in   the embezzlement   of   funds   FERRAYE.   Moreover,   the   proceedings   between   Jacob   Safra   (Edmond   brother)   and Lily,   wife   of   Edmond   Safra   -   whose   the   defender   of   the   wife   was      Marc   BONNANT   again   -   try   to   demonstrate that   a   conflict   had   occurred   after   the   death   of   Edmond   SAFRA,   for   the   sharing   of   swindled   amounts.   Moreover Marc BONNANT was a member of the board of several SAFRA companies… Public   opinion   has   been   poisoned   by   misinformation   and   misrepresentation   in   connection   with   the attacks of 11 September 2001 in the USA. During   the   searches   in   Switzerland   and   France, on     the     premises     of     Yeslam     BIN     LADEN (Osama's    brother)    following    the    attacks,    the judicial      authorities      have      established      the existence of a UBS account opened until 1997. Yeslam    BIN    LADEN,    said    that    this    account represented     the     inheritance     of     their     father distributed   among   the   54   children   of   the   late Mohammed BIN LADEN. However,   as   evidenced   by   the   following   excerpt from   an   article   of   October,   12.   2001,   the   father of Yeslam   and   Osama   BIN   LADEN   died   in   1968 in a helicopter crash - Le Point 12.10.2001 Yeslam   BIN   LADEN   reportedly   told   the   French magistrate   Renaud   Van   RUYMBEKE,   that   two of    his    brothers    had    opened    this    account    at Union   Bank   of   Switzerland   (UBS   Geneva),   on which    he    had    power    to    collect    the    family inheritance.   Legacy   then   redistributed   on   many accounts    there    were    heirs,    including    Osama BIN LADEN.… Thus,     the     inheritance     would     have     been distributed   more   than   30   years   after   the   father's death ... of which we kidding ? As     seen     below,     this     account     would     have justified   a   balance   of   more   than   US   $   16   billion. Geneva's      judges      have      therefore      entirely assembled   this   misinformation   to   cover   "their involvement   and   responsibility   in   the   attacks" and   ensure   the   security   of   their      accomplice Yeslam   ...   As   a   reward,   the   terrorist's   brother obtained     Swiss     citizenship     of     the     Geneva authorities… Yeslam   BIN   LADEN   explained   that   this   bank   account   was   used   to   gather   the   family   heritage   before   being redistributed   among   the   heirs.   He   was   heard   as   a   witness   assisted   in   an   investigation   for   "laundering"   in   Paris. The   judge   VAN   RUYMBEKE   had   before   since   December   2001   a   survey   on   financial   flows   between   different companies belonging to Yeslam BIN LADEN, a naturalized Swiss, so that he would not be « available »… The   Geneva   authorities   were   protecting   their   accomplice   against   the   extradition,   in   the   image   of   american citizen   Marc   RICH   living   in   Switzerland   (see   Tab   USA) ,    economic   criminal   sentenced   to   325   years   prison   in the   USA,   but   pardoned   by   Bill   CLINTON   on   request   of   Pierre   DE   WECK,   UBS   Director...   In   conformance   for criminal mutual aid… Within    the    Organized    Crime    étatico-banking    everything    goes    very    fast…    The    request    DE    WECK     was addressed   to   President   CLINTON   on   December,   4..2000   and   the   presidential   pardon   intervened   in   the   same month   as   evidenced   by   the   Press   article   available   HERE.    You   can   be   assured   that   if   Hillary   CLINTON presents itself for the 2016 election, she will have no difficulty in financing his campaign ... The    operated    misappropriations    were    made    in    complicity    with Petroleum    exporting    countries    and    ABB    Vetco    Gray    Switzerland (Donald   RUMSFELD   as   administrator),   ELF,   FORASOL   (society   of drilling   in   Paris),   GEOSERVICE   (society   of   drilling   belonging   to   Jean- Christophe    MITTERAND    son    of    the    french    President    who    had swindle   de   royalties),   PIPELINE   SERVICES   acting   every   under   cover of   ARAMCO    (Arabian American   Company)   belonging   to   the   State   of Saudi   Arabia,   State   which   does   not   recognize   this   day   the Intellectual     property     right.     The     investigations     have     already revealed    hundreds    of    companies    in    Europe    connected    to    the misappropriations    and    the    list    grows    up    every    day.    All    will    be criminally    prosecuted,    just    like    the    members    of    their    boards    of directors    since    1991.    This    last    point    contributes    to    give    the measure    of    the    financial    responsibility    of    Companies    and States which were in collusion. In   another   article   of   the   "Network   Voltaire",   we   see   that   Osama   BIN LADEN   has   touched   his   part   of   the   Saudi   BIN   LADEN   Group   and   not the   legacy   claimed   by   Yeslam   in   1994   for   an   amount   of   USD   300 million. If   each   of   the   54   siblings   of   Yeslam   BIN   LADEN   have   received   the same   amount   of   USD   300   million,   this   represents   a   total   of   USD 16'200'000'000.-. (USD 16.2 billion). Yet   in   his   two   statements   of   February   6th,   1996   and   April   3rd,   1996 ,   the   Notar   Pierre   MOTTU,   author   of   the agreements   for   the   transfers   of   the   held   royalties,   declared   (on   03.04.1996   in   page   5),   that   17   billion   dollars were   the   object   of   compensations   which   must   be   paid   to   Joseph   FERRAYE. The   General   prosecutor   of   Geneva Bernard   BERTOSSA,   the   Lawyers   BONNANT   and   WARLUZEL   and   the   Notar   MOTTU,   seem   to   have   granted the   rights   granted   by   the   sponsors(sleeping   partners)   of   the   protagonists   of   the   plot,   (the   French   government members)   to   Yeslam   BIN   LADEN,   the   new   beloved   SWISS   citizen   of   the   Genevans   crime   organisation,   to thanks   him   to   give   them   the   access   of   the   financial   network   in   which   they   have   embezzled   funds   to   make   them not retraçables ! From   then   on   Osama   BIN   LADEN's   war   against   the   USA   was   declared.   As   Muslim   pure,   Osama   BIN   LADEN could   not   tolerate   that   the   Western   Organized   crime   used   his   financial   network.    The   first   attacks   against the   World   Trade   Center   in   1993,   then   those   against   the American   embassies   of   Nairobi   and   Dar   es   Salaam   in 1998,    those    of    Dharan,    the   Yemen    (the    ship    US    COLE    in    October,    2000),    show    his    claw,    just    like    the successive attacks all around the world against the HSBC. This   is   probably   what   context   that   gave   the   idea   to   the   Republican   George   W.   BUSH   of   commanditer   the terrorist   attacks   of   September   11,   2001   and   to   shifting   the   responsibility   to   Osama   BIN   LADEN...   Certainly,   the Government   BUSH   had   under   estimated   the   consequences   of   his   actions   !   But   not   surprising   coming   from   such a character. Osama   bin   Laden   has   declared   war   to   the   USA   from   the   time   when   the   conspiracy   protagonists   have   looted IRAQ   (Islamic   countries)   by   increasing   the   cost   of   extinctions   by   2.6,   according   to   the   revelation   of   Swiss prosecutor   Bernard   BERTOSSA.   In   February   1996   after   the   seizure   of   the   funds   (2'000   to   3'000   billion   USD) following   the   complaint   of   Joseph   FERRAYE,   BIN   LADEN   issued   a   call   to   attack   US   interests   worldwide.   He therefore became Official public enemy No. 1 United States. 4,000   criminal   investigations   were   opened   in   the   WTC   towers,   on   ladles   stock   transactions   and   on   money laundering.   Of   articles   have   also   confirmed   that   the   WTC   housed   the   informatic   archives   of   WALL   STREET... So,   with   the   destruction   of   the   WTC,   the   BUSH   government   has   removed   all   evidence   of   his   involvement   in   the embezzlement of some $ 2,000 to 3,000 billion of funds collected with the sale of the FERRAYE systems ! Was   it   enough   for   the   protagonists   of   the   US   government,   to   organize   a   terrorist   attack   which   cost   the   life   of 2'977    of    its    citizens    and    has    injured    6,300    others    ?    Money    and    fear    of    having    to    assume    their responsibilities do have they pushed the leaders of the biggest world power to such atrocities ? This   period   corresponds   to   the   date   of   the   use   of   the   network   of   Osama   BIN   LADEN   by   his   brother Yeslam   and the   protagonists   of   the   plot   -   French   State,   Republic   and   Canton   of   Geneva,   the   cantons   of Vaud,   Zurich,   Aargau,   Basel   and   Zug   at   the   front   -   are   the   first   responsible   for   terrorism in   the   West.    Then   have   followed   all   the   Swiss   cantons   to   operate   laundering   and   as   stated by   National   Councillor   PDC   ( P arty   D e/of   C orruption)   in   Canton   Fribourg   Dominique   DE BUMAN   to   the   press   :   "Everything   is   rotten   in   our   Canton   !   If   I   revealed   what   I   know, that is all federal Switzerland that will tremble ... " ! This   is   perhaps   why   the   President   of   the   European   Commission   Jean-Claude JUNCKER    lick   everyone   who   come   to   him,   starting   with   Simonetta   SOMMARUGA, The   President   of   the   Swiss   Confederation    who   seems   to   revel... and   women   do   not   have   the   exclusivity   of   Jean-Claude   JUNCKER   if we   observe   the   hugs   believes   made   to   the   new   Greek   Prime Minister    Alexis    TSIPRAS.     Jean-Claude    JUNKER    was    Prime Minister    of    Luxembourg    at    the    time    of    the    swindle    of    the royalties. In   1996,   at   the   time   of   the   levying   of   the   sequestrations   of   the   defrauded   royalties,   the Clearing   house   CEDEL   with   headquartered   in   Luxembourg   and   branch   in   Geneva,   became CLEARSTREAM.    It   was   headed   by   André   LUSSY,   a   former   of   UBS   ...      Elle   était   alors dirigée   par   André   LUSSY,   ex   UBS…    CLEARSTREAM   offered   any   opacity   needed   for   traffic carried   by   criminals. And   JUNKER   did   not   only   launder   the   tax   evasion   with   his   Government, but   he   has   contributed   to   the   swindle   and   to   the   laundering   of   hundreds   of   billions   of   dollars of   FERRAYE   royalties..   Ernest   Backes,   complicit   in   these   diversions   against   FERRAYE   and co-signer   of   the   book   Revelation $ ,   was   an   employee   of   CEDEL   that   become   CLEARSTREAM He   knew   the   workings   and   was   dismissed,   which   led   him   to   denounce.   However,   BACKES   wanted   to   negotiate these   revelations   and   it   is   for   this   reason   that   after   having   promised   to   FERRAYE,   to   help   him   by   giving   him   all the   documents,   he   ended   up   "selling"   the   inventor   and   has   given   the   documents   to   Bernard   BERTOSSA ,   the swiss   Procecutor   in   Geneva.   He   was   thus   corrupted   by   BERTOSSA.   The   hundreds   of   billions   are   directly   the source of the CLEARSTREAM CASE" since 1992. It   is   interesting   to   note   that   on   February   18,   2015 ,   a   search   was   ordered   by   the   Attorney   General   of Geneva   Olivier   JORNOD   at   HSBC   headquarters.   The   search   was   made   by   the   Attorney   General Olivier   JORNOD   and   the   Attorney   Yves   BERTOSSA ,   son   of   Bernard   BERTOSSA   that   helped   to swindle   the   FERRAYE   royalties   ...   This   is   how   works   "justice"   in   Geneva   where   EVERYTHING   IS CORRUPT   !   It   is   very   important   for   the   Organized   Crime,   to   ensure   that   no   any   breach   will   reveal the crimes they have commited ! CLEARSTREAM   CLEARSTREAM   serves   to   mask   the   financial   flows,   whether   lawful   or   criminals.   Revelation $   of   Denis   ROBERT   and   Ernest   Backes   shows   that   "The   reasons   for   these   cover-ups   of   international   bank transfers   are   numerous.   They   can   range   from   the   simple   collection   of   confidentiality   in   the   commercial   sale   to opérations   of   laundering,   through   cases   of   insider   trading,   crime,   the   corruption,   money   laundering   or   tax evasion. "The means of this occultation is the practice of "unpublished accounts". CLEARSTREAM   began   to   open   non-published   accounts   that   would   have   multiplied   since   the   early   nineties -    the   embezzlement   of   hundreds   of   billions   of   FERRAYE   occurred   in   July   1991.   Among   1’900    accounts   in CLEARSTREAM   in   1995,   these   accounts   were   in   number   of   7’500    five   years   later    It   means   the   equivalent of   half   of   all   accounts   managed   by   the   company   of   the   Swiss   André   LUSSI   former   responsible   of   UBS   AG... And   this   at   a   time   when   some   2,000   to   3,000   billion   dollars   (course   at   that   time)   were   swindled   ...   The   video below is significative of the HSBC operating mode in these transactions. Given the capital returns on last 20 years, this amount can be multiplied by 10, not including damages. A   study   of   Christian   CHAVAGNEUX,   author   of   "Economics   and   International   Policy"   headline   in   the   newspaper "Economic Alternatives" No. 194, July 2001 « 4000 billions dirty money euro » « LThe case CLEARSTREAM upset the estimates made so far on the amount of dirty money circulating in the world ». The   story   begins   in   last   February,   when   the   book   of   Denis   Robert   and   Ernest   Backes,   Revelation$,   came   out (ed.   The   Arena).   It   explains   how   the   private   company   CLEARSTREAM   have   organized   a   parallel   accounting ("unpublished" accounts) which records international financial transfers, in some case doubtful.  Bernard SABRIER   founder of the following banks bought up by SAFRA banks : Besides   the   fact   that   Bernard   SABRIER    was   a   director   of   three   banks   "RNB"   of   Edmond   Safra mentioned   above,   he   was   also   the   founder   of   the   banks   " UNIGESTION" ,   one   of   the   banks which   were   acquired   by   RNB   Republic   National   Bank   of   New   York    of   Edmond   Safra   after release   of   the   sequestrations   by   Bernard   BERTOSSA.   Was   it   to   erase   all   traces   of   complicity   in the swindle of the royalties ? Bank Unigestion SA registered on June, 3rd 1971 and canceled on March 22, 2000 under number RC CH-020.9.900.967-3. Assets acquired by RNB Republic National Bank of New York (Suisse) SA in Geneva. Unigestion Holding SA  registered on August 11, 1988 under number RC CH-660.0.627.988-7 Links with the protagonists who initiated the swindle of the royalties It   is   interesting   to   observe   in   the   context   of   the   two   bankers   (SAFRA   above   and   SABRIER),   both   are   the administrators   and   shareholders   of   these   banks,   which   are   directly   related   to   the   protagonists   who   initiated   the swindle of the FERRAYE royalties. The   pdf   file   accessible   here   (143   pages)   gives   an   idea   of   the   magnitude   of   SAFRA   and   Consorts   laundering network   and   without   taking   into   account   the   specific   companies   HSBC   that   we   shall   see   below.   But   the   worst   is that   all   this   information   was   provided   to   the   Swiss   federal   criminal   authorities,    which   found   no   irregularities suspicion...   Numerous   companies   with   the   same   name,   created   under   differents   RC   numbers   seems   have   no interest   by   any   swiss   prosecutor...   Is   it   because   homonyms   of   these   prosecutors   appear   in   large   numbers   in our   database   of   money   laundering   ? This   indicates   in   any   case   the   level   of   corruption   of   Swiss   institutions   till   to the   top   of   the   swiss   state,   just   like   for   France   besides... The   rules   of   law   have   been   given   way   to   the   Organized Crime, to develop their activity ! The   opposite   video   "understand   in   3   minutes   the   backlash   HSBC" gives   a   concrete   idea   about   the   way   in   which   all   members   of   this gigantic crime organization, escape the judicial prosecutions. But   beyond   and   through   the   press,   how   they   are,   with   the   help   of corrupt   governments,   implementing   a   new   strategy   to   permanently launder   the   swindled   funds,   which   are   calculated   in   trillions   of   Euros, USD    or    CHF,    etc.    This    strategy    should    enable    the    holders    of swindled   royalties   (natural   or   legal   persons)   to   officially   become   the owner   of   hidden   funds,   against   a   small   substantial   fine,   to   let   the right people believe that "justice" done its job ..... That   is   why   in   no   country,   for   none   of   the   cases   reported   in   the   press,   ministers   governments      and   other bodies   of   "justice"   do   not   seek   or   rather   do   not   want   to   investigate   the   source   of   the   funds   t hat   have avoid the taxman. Is HSBC the washing machine of dirty money from Credit Suisse and UBS ? Take the example of “ HSBC Private Bank (Suisse) SA in Geneva RC CH-660.0.074.001-4” registered on 09.01.2001 3 Admin. when crating : Junod Charles-André, de Sainte-Croix, à Chêne-Bougeries, adm. president Jacquemoud Jean-Pierre, de Genève, à Genève, adm. vice-president Marcos Ezra, de Genève, à Genève, adm. secretary The   links   that   emerge   in   this   pdf   file    (469   pages)   demonstrate   how   a   handful   of   individuals   have   organized -   after   having   swindled   thousands   of   billions   of   royalties   -   the   take   of   control   of   the   world   economy.   We   meet   of course   the   names   of   Marc   BONNANT,   Pierre   MOTTU, Alexandre   Zeller   who   ensuing   funds   since   their   swindle (CREDIT    SUISSE,    BCV,    HSBC),    Jean-Paul    AESCHIMANN,    Anton    AFFENTRANGER    (UBS)    and    many Freemasons, politicians , bankers, etc. Do   we   have   then   to   wonder   at   the   excesses   of   the   economy,   when   this   one   is   in   the   hands   of individuals   without   morals   who   ignore   ethics   and   are   without   any   qualms. All   the   more   by   knowing that   the   politicians   who   want   to   be   elected   (see   Dominique   DE   DEBUMAN   above) ,    make   it   only   to benefit of the fallout, which the Organized crime dispenses, not to be bothered by the "justice" ? The "cronies" in place in Geneva, control the European finance Pdf   link   above   presented   us   some   of   "cronies"   in   Geneva,   who   have   totally   lost   their   mind   when   the   financial windfall   of   hundreds   of   billions   of   dollars   was   put   in   their   hands   ...   They   believed   take   control   of   the   world   and now the boomerang returns to them. It's time to build new prisons. According to the merger agreement of April 10,.2001 HSBC Private Bank (Suisse) SA in Geneva (CH-660.0.074.001)   created   on   January   9,   2001   took   over   the   assets   of   HSBC   Republic   Bank   (Suisse)   SA Geneva   (New   name   of   RNB   Republic   National   Bank   of   New   York   (Suisse)   SA   SAFRA ,   with   assets   of CHF 24'658'630'000 and a liability to third parties CHF 23'575'504'000 or net assets of CHF 1'083'126 '000. At   the   same   time   (3   to   the   same   date   of   merger)   the   following   institutions   were   taken   over   by   HSBC   Republic Bank (Suisse) SA Geneva : HSBC Bank USA Singapour CHF   89'742'000 - 10.04.2001 HSBC Bank USA Hong Kong CHF 120'806'000 - 10.04.2001 HSBC Investment Bank Asia Ltd Hong Kong CHF 319'273'000 - 10.04.2001 Crédit Commercial de France Genève CHF   26'599'802 - 24.02.2003 HSBC Private Bank Luxembourg CHF 124'956'000 - 05.09.2008 CHF 681’376’802 The   purpose   of   these   multiple   mergers   was   certainly   to   remove   any   trace   of   transfers   of   funds swindled on royalties. This   leads   us   to   understand   that   the   RNB   Republic   National   Bank   of   New   York   (Suisse)   SA   Geneva former   property   of   Edmond   SAFRA,   registered   under   No.   RC   CH-660.0.074.001-4   has   held   4   times more   funds   than   all   HSBC   in   the   world...   Il   is   sure   that,   Marc   BONNANT   and   his   partner   Dominique WARLUZEL,   lawyers   in   Geneva   have   realized   the   situation,   after   the   complaint   they   had   written   for Joseph FERRAYE, which led to the funds receivership. This   is   undoubtedly   why   the   two   Geneva   Lawyers   BONNANT   and   WARLUZEL   -   praised   during   20   years by   the   press   and   the   Swiss   French   television,   that   are   to   their   orders   and   who   will   shoulder   a   heavy responsibility   due   to   their   public   disinformation   -   have   betrayed   their   Client   and   took   control   of   the   scam, in   collusion   with   the   bankers,   the   Notary   Pierre   MOTTU,   Zurich   lawyer   Mark   BRUPPACHER,   Lawyers   and members of the French Government, etc. CREDIT SUISSE regains control of "cronies" instead Geneva area Schweizerische   Kreditanstalt   on   today   CREDIT   SUISSE,   was   involved   early   on   in   the   swindle   of   the   royalties, by   Rainer   E.   GUT    -      pdf   file    (2’834   pages)      who   was   the   President   and   who   also   signed   in   the   offshore society   EVERTON   Enterprise   Ltd    in   the   british   Virgin   Islands.   This   society   was   created   to   transfer   the swindled   royalties.   In   that   pdf   file   connection,   with   the   presence   of   Josef   Ackermann,   one   becomes   aware   of the    corruption    and    money    laundering    at    the    international.    This    demonstrate    how    individuals    can    cause grounding    of   a   national   company   (SWISSAIR) ,   on   october   2,   2001 ,   in   the   sole   purpose   of   laundering billions they have swindled, regardless at any time of the economic consequences for the population On   December   3rd,   2008,   CREDIT   SUISSE   wants   to   take   over   the   team   of   "cronies"   of   the   Geneva   Finance   and nearly   8   years   after   the   creation   of   HSBC   Private   Bank   (Suisse)   SA   Geneva,    CREDIT   SUISSE   places   his token   Alexandre   ZELLER   at   the   head   of   HSBC.   It   was   under   his   leadership   that   numerous   data   have   been stolen by the whistle-blower Hervé FALCIANI. Four   months   later,   HSBC   Guyerzeller   Bank AG   Zurich   with   branch   in   Geneva,   registered   in   the   RC   on April,   28, 1939   with   a   capital   of   CHF   5,000,000   has   been   merged.   It   was   only   on   January   31,   2002   (laundering   after removal   of   sequesters)   that   the   capital   of   the   aforementioned   bank   had   increased   from   CHF   5,000,000   to   CHF 55'000'000,   then   CHF   95'000'000   three   months   later   on April   25,   2002.   It   was   at   that   time   that   were   carried   out mergers   with   Crédit   Commercial   de   France   (Suisse)   SA   in   Geneva   and   Handelsfinanz-CCF   Bank   in   Geneva too.   HSBC   Guyerzeller   Bank   AG   Zurich   was   acquired   by   HSBC   Private   Bank   (Suisse)   SA   Geneva    by   the merger agreement of March 12, 2009. For   the   record,   in   2000,   HSBC   acquired   Crédit   Commercial   de   France   (CCF).   On   November   9,   2005,   CCF   and certain   of   its   subsidiaries   (Hervet   Bank,   Bank   of   Baecque   Beau,   Picardie   and   UBP   Bank   (Union   Bank   of   Paris) changed   their   name   to   appear   in   the   HSBC   brand.   During   the   first   half   of   2008,   HSBC   has   sold   its   seven Banques   Populaires   regional   banks   that   do   not   appear   in   the   HSBC   brand:   SMC,   Banque   de   Savoie,   Chaix, Marze,   Dupuy   de   Parseval,   Pelletier   and   CCSO.   On   August   1st,   2005,   the   former   CCF,   Hervet   Bank,   Bank   of Baecque Beau, UBP and Picard Bank legally merged under the name of HSBC France (wikipedia). Conclusion Like   what   the   BCCI   (Bank   of   Credit   and   Commerce   International)   based   once   again   in   Luxembourg   before   his resounding   bankrupcy   in   1972,   HSBC   is   undoubtedly   the   financial   institution   that   offers   the   best   structure   for the  organized Crime. Whatever   the   "Corporate   governance"   officially   provided   by   the   bank   and   its   multiple   satellites,   HSBC   offers   all the   options   to   get   around   the   laws,   Swindle   the   citizens   (Libor,   Euribor,   Subprime,   etc.).   HSBC   is   dipped   in   all shenanigans. And   here,   again   no   surprise   when   one   considers   that   the   bank   in   question   has   based   its   strategy on   swindle   and   money   laundering   of   hundreds   of   billions,   through   unscrupulous   protagonists,   acting   absolutely Fearing neither god nor law... It    is    time    to    put    an    end    to    this    bank    of    Thugs    and    we    will    take    control    of    all    its    assets    as compensation for the damage suffered.
Etude Bonnat - Warluzel Genève
ICIJ   The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (180 journalists worldwide) SwissLeaks.   OffshoreLeaks,   etc.   speak   to   us   constantly   about   "   Fraud   of   tax   evasion   "...   Let   us   then Ourselves   Ask   the   question   to   know   why   these   "   great   journalists   "   never   try   to   understand   where from come funds held on the accounts which they are aware. What   are   the   Newspapers   involved   in   the   revelations   of   ICIJ?   The   Washington   Post,   the   BBC,   the Guardian,   the   Süddeutsche   Zeitung.   In   France   Mediapart,   Le   Monde   and   in   Switzerland   Le   Temps (Tamedia) etc. For   France   and   Switzerland   in   any   case,   it   is   obvious   that   the   concerned   Newspapers   were   financed by   the   laundering   of   FERRAYÉ   swindled   royalties.   Therefore,      should   we   be   surprised   that   the information   (example   4   pages   in The   "LE   MATIN   DIMANCHE"   15/2/2014)   is   only   a   subject   treated   in   a cosmetic way and a pure laundering of the information... ? Why CREDIT SUISSE whose direct connection with HSBC Private Bank is obvious, is never cited ?
The   Villa   Leopolda   was   acquired   in   1999   by   Edmond   SAFRA.   It   is located   on   the   heights   of   Villefranche-sur-Mer   and   Beaulieu-sur-Mer, at   a   place   called   Caire   Pass,   between   Nice   and   Monaco.   It   has   a panoramic    view    of    Cap    Ferrat    and    the    Mediterranean    Sea.    It    is surrounded   by   an   eight-hectare   park,   planted   more   than   1,200   trees of    various    species    (olive,    cypress,    lemon,    orange    and    plum)    and requires   for   its   maintenance   over   fifty   gardeners.   Value   estimated   at CHF 700'000'000.- its high estimate.