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                    Before the capitulation of Saddam HUSSEIN's army and his flight from Kuwait to the Iraq             on 20th February 1991,1'164 oil wells on 1'280 in production at the time, have been exploded to sabotage the country's economy. Joseph   FERRAYE   processes   have   revolutionized   15   to   20   thousand   times   all   conventional   processes of   the   time.   The   process   was   called   KILL   SPOOL   (kill   the   flow)   instead   of   KILL   WELL   (kill   the   well) where   the   fundamental   difference   of   the   two   methods. As   a   gift,   this   process   has   helped   the   re-use   of the   same   wells   with   financial   interests   that   such   a   system   generate.   This   double   revolutionary   system in 1991 was carried out in two stages : extinguish the fire, and then block the flow. Brevet d’extinction    /  Brevet de blocage haute pression The   experts   were   faced   with   an   unprecedented   ecological   and   economic   disaster.   The   February   20. 1991,   American   experts   had   announced   that   there   were   500   to   600   exploded   wells   and   should   be   at least 6 years to process. In fact, 1'164 wells were treated. Following   the   difficulties   encountered   to   treat   these   wells   under   high   pressure   (characteristic   of KUWAIT),   experts   who   had   no   knowledge   of   the   invention   of   Joseph   FERRAYE   (JF)   had   declared secondly   that   it   would   take   8   to   12   years   to   condemn   the   wells   (kill   well).   Indeed   and   thanks   to   the   JF invention, the last well extinguished in KUWAIT dated 5  November 1991.
It   is   easy   to   imagine   the   global   cataclysm   due   to   the   impact   of   soot   to   which   we   all could be exposed without Joseph systems  FERRAYE 5'000’000   barrels   of   oil   burned   daily   and   5’000   tonnes   of   soot   spread   each day into the atmosphere. On   May   2nd   1991   Ezzat   JAAFAR,   Advisor   to   the   Emir   of   KUWAIT   and   Viktor GEBRANE   (traitor   JF   representative)   took   Joseph   FERRAYE   in   a   ambush   in   the villa   of   JAAFAR,   located   rue   Jean   Baptiste   to   the   Colle   sur   Loup   F,   and   bilking   the extinguishing    system    which    FERRAYÉ    had    filed    the    patent    in    the    same    day. FERRAYE    was    unaware    that    they    were    going    to    use    a    system    without    his knowledge,   yet   knowing   that   the   extinction   of   the   well   was   useless   without   the   flow can   be   controlled   by   the   blocking   system.   That   had   not   been   revealed   to   them. They   have   deceived      the   inventor   by   promises   him   securing   a   contract   for   the extinguishing   system   in   good   and   due   form   in   the   hours   that   followed,   contract   that never happened. Right   away,   the   extinguishing   system   that   was   easy   to   perform,   was   used   in KUWAIT.   Its   successful   use   gave   credibility   to   the   blocking   system   in   their   eyes and   they   were   then   interested   in   the   blocking   system.   it   was   useless   to   extinguish well   without   being   able   to   control   the   flow.   The   desert   would   have   been   flooded   by a sea of oil and they would never have access to the wells to treat. You   should   know   that   JAAFAR   collaborated   with   agents   FERRAYE,   which   were GEBRANE,   REBOURS   et   HOBEICH,   which   were   seized   with   tens   of   billions   of dollars   that   came   from   the   sale   of   systems.   The   money   was   in   the   accounts   in their   names,   identified   and   sequestered   in   April   1995.   The   existence   of   these accounts   ihas   been   demonstrated   to   justice   at   the   hearing   of   the   Parisian   notary Eric    HAGUE    ST-HILAIRE    and    that    of    Daniel    LEVAVASSEUR    ex   Agent    DST France, commissioned by Joseph FERRAYE to find the money swindled. Audition du Notaire parisien Eric de La HAYE-ST-HILAIRE Audition    Daniel    LEVAVASSEUR    +    Remarque    sur    l’activité    de    l’Avocat zürichois C. Mark BRUPPACHER Extinguishing   system   tests   conducted   on   7/9   May   1991   in   KUWAIT   have   been   a success,   But   the   extinction   of   the   wells   at   high   pressure   (characteristic   of   Kuwaiti wells)   could   not   take   place   without   the   flow   was   blocked.   Very   quickly   those   who had   been   extinguished   and   not   blocked   had   become   inaccessible   because   of   the oil lakes that surrounding those already extinct with the first system.
It   is   from   there   that   Dominique   STRAUSS-KAHN,   then   french   Minister   both   IFP   (French   Petroleum   Institute),   Elf   and   the   INPI   (National   Institut   of industrial   property)   has   made   an   accomplice   of   organized   crime   and   unveiled   the   blocking   patent   which   he   had   custody.   Of   course   to   Unbeknownst to    Joseph    FERRAYÉ.    STRAUSS-KAHN    operates    (situation    20’14)    in    Switzerland    (Nyon    and    Geneva)    RC    CH    -    660.7.801.008    -    1,    CH    - 660.0.722.014 - 6, CH - 660.0.954.011 - 8, and more  course of its international activities, EADS etc. It   was   essential   for   the   MITTERRAND   Government   at   the   time,   hide   any   link   of   Dominique   STRAUSS-KAHN   with   this   grime   violation   from   the   duty of   service   which   consisted   in   unveiled   a   patent   which   began   under   the   discretion   of   the   french   State.   It   is   to   resolve   this   problem   that   Michel ROCARD   then   french   Prime   Minister   signed   Decree   No.   91432   on   May   13,   1991,   to   substitute   the   Deputy   Director   of   the   INPI   to   the   Minister   of Industry   Dominique   STRAUSS   KAHN   for   the   control   of   the   INPI,   and   so   to   remove   all   links   with   DSK.   ROCARD   and   the   french   Government   wanted up there doing  remove all suspicions about the involvement of STRAUSS-KAHN in this flight. Michel   ROCARD   was   Prime   Minister   from   May   9,   1988   to   May   15,   1991,   just   after   the   signing   of   this   Decree.   François   MITTERRAND   has   replaced then   ROCARD   by   Edith   CRESSON,   trying   to   turn   the   page.   CRESSON   was   Prime   Minister   from   May   15,   1991   to   April   2nd,   1992,   the      time   to complete   scams   and   organize   the   French   fair,   to   sell   FERRAYE   systems   to   all   oil-producing   countries.   The   FRENCH   TRADE   WEEK   where   have been exposed and sold FERRAYÉ systems, took place from November 23 to November 29, 1991 in KUWAIT-City.
As   seen   in   the   pictures   below,      the   FRENCH TRADE   WEEK   poster   (left)   is   the   same   -   without the   date   of   the   exhibition   -   as   the   picture   holds BASANO,    appearing    on    the    first    page    of    the official   offer   for   the   presentation   of   the   systems in   KUWAIT,      end   of   July   1991.   This   shows   us that   before   end   of   July   1991,   the   oil   companies had        no    way    to    control    the    extinction    and blocking    wells.    It    is    thus    understood    lakes    oil resulting   from   the   use   of   the   methods      classics and   this   just   for   the   well   to   low   pressure   or   for the    extinction    without    blocking    with    the    first system stolen by JAAFAR.
Since   May   1991   oil   experts   extinguished   fires   with   ripped   extinguishing   system,   but   could   not   control   flows. That   is   why   this   practice   caused   oil   lakes until   the   moment   where   the   french   government   unveiled   the   blocking   system.   Before   the   traitors   representatives   of   FERRAYE   and   the   french Government negotiated their contract in July 1991, no method existed to control these wells. In   his   statement   of   11 August   2004, Ahmad   Naser AL-SABAH,   Prince   of   Kuwait   (cousin   of   the   Emir)   working   at   the   time   to   the   Bank AL   WATANI      in London,   wanted   to   believe   in   justice   that   another   system   had   been   used   in   KUWAIT.   He   says   on   page   3   of   his   hearing   that   in   addition   to   RED ADAIR   (which   has      applied   FERRAYÉ   systems),   a   Hungarian   company   had   intervened.   However,   Hungarian   extinguishing   system   arrived   in KUWAIT   on   October   22,   1991   and   the   last   well   was   extinguished   in   KUWAIT   on   November   5,   1991.   The   Hungarian   system   has   been   tested   on   a few   wells   to   create   a      diversion   on   the   application   of   FERRAYE   systems.   It   was   a   system   of   extinction   only,   but   could   not   block   the   flow.   It      consisted of   a   tank   on   which   were   mounted   two   Mig   engines   that   propelled   the   nitrogen   on   fire   and   created   a   real   storm   of   nitrogen   during   some   20   minutes so that the fire goes out. FERRAYE system Meanwhile managed to extinguish the fire in less than a minute...!
Christian BASANO Partner who betrayed Joseph FERRAYÉ